Account Update - 11/18/2018

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Before the update I'd like to point out there is a share sale for @minnowbuilder2 currently.

MinnowBuilder3 Account Update

Share Value

DateOwned SharesOwned SteemPowerOwned Savings SteemValue Per Owned Share

We have had a .6c increase in share value over the last 8 days. This is a 27.3% annualized increase for the shareholders and shows the rate at which the account's vote value is increasing for all involved including the redfish we are supporting.

This number is down some mainly due to lack of any comments going to pay out during this time. I will make sure to post and comment more going forward as that clearly has a major effect on the growth.


Remember everyone who owns shares gets the benefit of this accounts growth. As the SP increases the value of votes increase so it's in your best interest to help growth this account. Upvotes of posts and comments all add up in a big way and then come right back to you in increased value votes, then the cycle repeats. More support the faster the account grows and higher the return vote becomes and IMO more importantly the higher the votes for the redfish become.

Thank you all for your continued support!

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12 more shares for level 2 where purchased yesterday.

If steem decide to go to 50% curation then these accounts are going to grow very quickly.


If steemit goes to 50% curation there will be a huge shift in the balance of rewards towards accounts like this one which automatically vote on content day in and day out.


The good thing about that is it will increase the voting power


The account would grow very fast with 50% curation. You would probably see the end of most people selling votes too as it would be just as profitable, or more profitable to cash votes on good content vs selling a vote.