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For the market to drop 20 billion dollars in less than 24 hours because of a hack that happened in one of the Google Chrome Extensions yesterday, just shows how naive and immature the people that are part of it are.
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I guess for lots of people, the word “HACKING” means a lot more than an intrusion, or invasion to a network and still don’t realize that this is what an OPEN MARKET means. If people are not careful with which wallet they trust, or if they simply don’t keep their private keys safe, the hacking of their assets hold an open invitation to their valuables.

So a hacking happened to a Google Chrome extension yesterday called MEGA, MyEtherWallet, Monero and Aurora coins were compromised. The patch to the hacking was released almost immediately but yet, the market collapsed by 20 billion dollars. How does that makes sense? Read more

I heard @crypt0 saying that one of the Bank Of America workers told him that “... there is a lot of old people doing massive deposits into crypto...”. Can this be the reason of why millions of people PANIC to the word HACKING? See video

Stay safe my crypto/Stemian friends, keep your crypto, your wallets and your hard wallets safe. The future is bright, but there’s still a lot of stupid people in the world 👊😁

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Gracias por la información y el apoyo! ¿es posible que la baja de hoy se deba al hackeo que se detectó en las últimas horas?.


Precisamente de eso habla mi post, de el miedo de los nuevos Crypto-Inversionistas a la palabra Hackeo.
Yo creo que si.

Hodl is on

muy buena informacion @melip.saludos amiga

Gracias por la información; siempre el hackeo ocurre en una wallet o un exchange, pagando los platos rotos todo el criptomercado. HODL!!!

Good information, to stop being naive and keep our keys in good protection, very important publication to resteem greetings, @melip

Grate update

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It is true !
There are many wallets and people use either.
You have to know what to use. You have to be aware of our keys

Crazy I wonder how many people can even tell you what chrome extensions they have loaded? My point is people do nothing to protect themselves and then panic when there is a security breach. Which is guess is your point too :)

Saludos mi estimada @melip. Creo que cada quién debe mantener sus claves bien resguardadas, de tal manera que el "pirata" no lo tenga tan fácil.
Gracias por el apoyo. Te dejo mi voto.

En este tema la ignorancia definitivamente no es una bendición. Y yo peco por ignorante en estos temas. Gracias por la información. :)

Es importante mantener constante una buena conciencia de seguridad, este mundo virtual genera muchos puntos debiles que pueden ser atacados por hackeadores.

it is very good informative content for crypto market

Thank for information. Good look!!

This has become an endless story. Wallets and secret passwords should always be kept safe, it's like keeping the door of your house open and waiting for nobody to enter...

Tienes que ser una mente asombrosa para hackear este tipo de cosas jajaja.


Y para protegerlas también 😊


Eso también es verdad ;)

wonderful hacking reporting about world crypto market; Always watch your news melip.❤
truth and real crypto news! good news for steemit and crypto lovers😉 👏 Great post as always!

Es terrible ver como baja la moneda, mucha gente se deprime y algunos hasta abandonan y dejan de publicar. Hay que ser persistente y seguir insistiendo hasta que suba.

Gracias por la informacón y el apoyo @melip

Buena información, en realidad el Hackeo, a gran escala, es como los accidentes de avión, son poco frecuentes pero muy publicitados, por eso hay gente que le teme a volar, pero no a andar en automovil, aunque ir en automovil es estadísticamente más peligroso.

Buen consejo final @melip hay que tener nuestras billeteras virtuales a salvo de los Hackers que intentarán por todos los medios para apoderarse de ellas. Saludos

Hello, @melip. There is a lot of misinformation regarding the word and everything that it implies. We must take into account from where we connect, the keys and the servers that we use. Thanks for the info.

Hello, @melip. The cryptographic market is very volume to the attacks of hackers and that makes nervous crypto investors, but that is solventable in time.

Even HODL need to be done right otherwise hackers will steal everything in crypto

Even HODL need to be done right otherwise hackers will steal everything in crypto