Bye Bitcoin and Ethereum, EOS Achieves 3,000 Transactions Per Second.

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“ I just did my first transactions in the EOS Network and it is unbelievably fast and FREE. Bye Bitcoin, Bye Ethereum. Welcome EOS”

EOS seems to be progressing nicely, as it has recently surpassed the 3,000 transactions per second mark, making it one of the fastest blockchains currently online. Of course, there are many projects saying their blockchain can handle a much larger throughput (😆), but they will often only justify their claims with estimates and internal testing results.
Ethereum, for example, can currently handle about 15 transactions per second, while Bitcoin can handle about 7.

Of course, these platforms are designed with a fundamentally different philosophy, and there is an interesting tension at play here. It’s no secret that Ethereum in its current form cannot support a massively popular application, as evidenced by the time when CryptoKitties went viral (😆) resulting in a very noticeable slowdown of the network.

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Informative cam i get this opportunity. @melip

gran publicación @melip
feliz fin de semana para ti y toda tu familia

excellent post melip como esta todo?

Hello friend, the most important thing is that a person who handles information about the world of virtual currencies, and that every day in a selfless way teaches us about this tool, tell us your first experiences in transactions of the EOS Network and that is also fast and without charging commission. One already carries that good recommendation and can make your transaction with confidence. Thanks for sharing and regards @melip

Buena publicación @melip le deseo que tenga un gran día.

Yes. Its really awesome.

That's a massive number more than the financial companies too i heard it per second transactions

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