According To The Cofounder Of Coinbase, The Future Of Crypto Looks Brighter Than We Think.

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Brian Armstrong believes crypto-adoption will increase at an astronomical pace in the next half-decade.

Brian Armstrong
Armstrong believes a growing number of cryptocurrency companies will contribute to the overall crypto ecosystem growth. These companies, under a regulated environment, will issue their tokens backed by their respective market caps. In a way, these institutionalized digital assets will prove to be an alternative investment system in addition to equities.

“It makes sense that any company out there who has a cap table should have their token,” Armstrong said. “Every open source project, every charity, potentially every fund or these new types of decentralized organizations [and] apps, they’re all going to have their tokens.”
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Amiga gracias por tu buena información feliz noche hasta luego

Just not today...

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Crypto is for people with long term vision lol.
I started investing in 2016 and I still consider my investment being premature.
I’m with Mr. Armstrong, crypto needs more time 😊


I sure hope so... I only got in around 2017 so I am down about $50,000 so far

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Buy Generation 0 CryptoKitties 😊

my greetings and respect for your creativity a vote and reestem.

asset tokenization is where its at

las criptomonedas van teniendo cada vez mas fuerza en el mercado tendremos un buen futuro con ellas

Las criptomonedas son las mejores para invertir, serán las monedas del futuro por la fuerza que van tomando día a día. Es interesante esta noticia. Saludos.

Poco a poco pero con pasos firmes, saludos melip

Excelente información.


Las criptomonedas han ido ganando terreno poco a poco, debido a que el mercado es relativamente nuevo, pienso que todavía nos falta mucho por aprender. Sin embargo, actualmente las personas invierten en dicho mercado. Te dejo mi voto amiga. Mis saludos.

Las criptos, a corto plazo serán de uso masivo. Gracias por la dosis de noticia. Muy interesante. Saludos.


Claro y perdón por la poca dosis 😊
Mañana habrá más noticias 😊

Eso es @melip cada empresa van a querer probar el mercado de las criptomonedas y ver de primera mano cuales son los beneficios de entrar en ese mundo muy poco explorado y con mucho para ofrecer


Muy cierto amiga

Informative about crypto.

yes this is true....
day by day it is growing....

Amen to that

Well just can't wait as it will help to increase market cap too :)

I mean, every time I see someone with lots of knowledge saying this I only have one question... is it just me that also knows that this is inevitable.

It´s not a case of believing in the tech, blockchain is revolutionary and it will change how the world works, but obviously it needs some years to grow and develop (like anything in the planet).

Awesome Update Grate News Information Sweet 😍😍

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