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Note: Because of technical and biological issues the events of Day 3 are posted on day 4. As of right now steem withdwawals have been...



They tell me that it's a technical issue.

The ONLY technical issue I have is that I can't withdraw my steem and that the "support chat" for the mobile app stopped working yesterday.


Today support is telling me that this is a...

technical issue

but today they added...

Currently all Steem holders could not withdraw due to project organiers.

So I'm kind of wondering??

Are the "project organizers" the staff at that can't seem to figure out what the "technical issue" is with the waller!


Are the "project organizers" the steem witnesses who they THINK are responsible for the "holdup" of “their” steem?

Note: The exchange(s) willingly powered up funds. Knowing that (or at least they should have known) it had a 13 week "powerdown" or withdrawal period.


By this time I know, we all know this is not a technical issue. Check out what they add next...

but this is not only related to the exchange,

Just a minute ago this was just a technical issue with the waller now it has something to do with something "not" of the exchange?


I'm starting to think now that if the binance team...

relevant team urgently working to get this issue resolved

is not making any progress maybe should consider hiring the ex Steemit, Inc. developers.

They ALL NEED JOBS and have expertise with the EXACT BLOCKCHAIN you are having "technical issues" with. I bet they could get it fixed in no time.

But what do I know.


I now "have" over 7,700 steem held HOSTAGE by
I put "have" in quotes because..

Rule 1: If you don't hold it you don't own it.

A truism for more than just Crypto I might say.


The price of steem took a big dip today but it's back up now. Whew I forgot to place a stop loss. My bad.

Now the microwaves emanating from the tinfoil under my hat are making sounds in my head like...

"thiiiis diiiip is was so the exchaaaaanges can buy the steeeeeem they neeeeed. cheeeeeperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr."

I don't know why the voice in my head sometimes has the Spooooky Ghost voice but it's usually pretty accurate so I tend to listen.

I know, my reason for the dip sounds odd but that’s what happens in the big market with the big boys. They ALWAYS find a way to...


I decided to ask a manager directly if this has anyting to do with the Hostile Takeover and he assured me...

nope not related

Seriously binance you are not fooling anyone anymore.

Binance why don't you go to the OPEN MARKET and…


It's on "sale" RIGHT NOW!.


Now I'm not a software engineer but I think I might be onto something.

I bet when your wallet has SOME steem in it the "technical issue" of it being empty will suddenly fix itself.

It's like rebooting. It fixes shit.

But what do I know... it's complicated. the above quote is mine.

Seriously contact the ex Steemit, Inc. developers if you need help.

To my steem family.

Hold the line on the 13 week powerdown.

We CAN win this without firing a shot.

Don't give in just because you think I should get my (or your) 7,700 steem back from Binance.

Rule 2: Don't invest more than you're willing to lose.

I will gladly sacrifice my stake HELD HOSTAGE at Binance to protect this blockchain.

They insist that this is a TECHNICAL ISSUE.

I don’t know about you but for me, an exchange that has a "technical issue" for now going on THREE FOUR DAYS...5.6.7.?.. with a HOT crypto asset AT THE MOST CRITICAL TIME of its life...?

Is at a minimum,

someplace I would avoid.

again the above quote is mine


We will win this!

Hold the line and just say, NO!


Lol broh... I doubt that binance would steal your steem

I hope not but you have to agree that stealing taking my steem, powering it up and then using it against me to takeover the steem Blockchain while at the same time not allowing me access to it is kinda close to stealing.

So... Assuming that my above assumption is correct..

Binance steeling my steem has a better than zero chance of happening.

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