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Enough is enough! It's unbelievable to see that there is a fan base who justify anything related to STAR WARS! It's absurd & these fans have their own share of guilt over the ABUSE OF STAR WARS.

It's called, "supply and demand".
Simple: If you demand and applause nonsense, you'll get it. It's not Disney, It's not Lucas...
IT'S THE FANS who continuously set the bar lower and lower and enjoy it even more!

Please, come on!
There is no story! There is no acting!
There is no spirit! There is no "character work"
This is NOT Star Wars, this is the abuse of Star Wars.

The greedy movie industry makes fun of these "fans", they take the advantage of these unconscious consumers and not only that, they make a lot of money thanks to those who don't have a clue about what Star Wars really is. Besides, I think "these fans" also don't have a clue about what true "Cinema" is.

There is a major gulf between a Cult Movie and an absolute garbage. Else, how on earth it would be possible for these "rubbish" movies to get IMDB scores as high as 8.1?

IMDB score 8.1? For a "movie" like "The Force Awakens"?
IMDB score 8.0? For a "movie" like "The Last Jedi"?

It must be a joke!
Yet another reason to not take "IMDB scores" seriously.

"The Force Awakens" and "The Last Jedi" are not even movies (maybe we can call them as "video clips"), but they're the ABSOLUTE INSULT to human intelligence.

But, "THE ABUSE" has started much, much earlier than these two UNBELIEVABLY MISERABLE "movies".

Is there an unspoken social code that a Star Wars fan MUST like every "Star Wars" movie?
Is that what REAL FANS do? I don't think so; that looks like more of a robot which programmed to like anything that has the title "Star Wars" in it than a human being who is able to give their own decisions.

Is it ever possible to enjoy a move like "THE PHANTOM MENACE" where "THE FORCE" boils down to midichlorians? Come on, this is not an HIV test, this is THE FORCE you goddamn writers! What happened to the mystical, mysterious "THE FORCE"?

Now it has become just a scientific term?

[Photo Source]

"For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the land and the ship"

Was Master Yoda lying when he said that?
I don't think so.
Did he mention anything about "midichlorians"? NO!

[Photo Source] - What a joke. Are you serious, dear story writers?

Manipulating the KIDS for more money, at the cost of ruining a CULT EPIC...

I definitely hate it when George "The Greedy" Lucas ruins the legend he created, for the sake of nothing but MONEY, MONEY, and MONEY! He "carefully" includes "childish" characters to his movies (it started with "Ewoks", so it's nothing new), carefully manipulating the younger and younger generations to make space for the success of his "cash cow", and always thinking his own end in his mind. Because having one generation under his belt is never enough for him, he must add much younger generations to his toolbox, because his appetite has no "OFF" switch.

VIDEO..: "Greed" mode on. Isn't it pure nonsense? Now, are these scenes even funny? OR, to be more precise, are they supposed to be funny? We're in the middle of a war here, you idiot story writers! THIS IS NOT "SESAME STREET" (I think, Sesame Street has more SERIOUSNESS to offer when compared to the Prequel Trilogy)! Are these scenes adding something to the story itself (do we really have a story, by the way)? No, they don't have anything with the story. It's just greedy Lucas making fun of us.

He just wants to have any kid on the planet know that STAR WARS have something to offer them. In our case, and at the cost of ruining a legend, it's Jar Jar and "childish" war scenes. There wasn't a moment that I felt truly cared for these superficial characters.

Oh, poor Liam Neeson (Qui Gon Jinn), he must had been thinking, "oh god what the hell am I doing in this CGI-RUBBISH"!

[Photo Source] - I really can't decide which one is the worse.

And when a 9 year old kid destroyed the droid control ship... Well, to be honest , I had rarely laughed that hard in my entire life, not in a positive way, for sure. That was one of the most absurd scenes I have ever watched. But hey he's Anakin Skywalker, right? So this means story writers can push the absurdity to absurd levels, up to the sky (Anakin Absurdwalker?). IF A NINE YEAR OLD KID COULD EASILY BLAST THE MAIN DROID CONTROL SHIP, WHY ON EARTH WE NEED A "TRILOGY" ANYWAY?

VIDEO: A nine year old idiot destroys the droid control ship. Hmmm, this indeed makes sense when you think about the other nonsense in the movie. At least, we have a movie that is very consistent with its absurdities. WHAT A SUCCESS!

The only good thing in the movie was DARTH MAUL, but you know what they say, "only the good die young".

I almost forgot! What the...

"There was no father. I carried him, I gave birth, I raised him. I can't explain what happened." (-Shmi Skywalker)

Do we really need this? Is this the most original idea you can come up with, especially when considering all the sources you have? I mean, my eyes had been looking for Mary Magdalene all over the planet Tatooine. Well, even if this is the most original idea you goddamn story writers come up with, where is the rest of the story goddammit? Let me tell you dear fellow Steemian brothers and sisters, there isn't anything there. There is nothing there because we don't have a story! They are just writing on the water.

"The Phantom Menace" is not only the worst Star Wars movie, it also conquers new grounds in POINTLESS MOVIE MAKING. It's obvious that GEORGE LUCAS is not a good director, he's not even close. He had some good ideas, but having good ideas and being a good director are two different things.

Then, we had "ATTACK OF THE CLONES" which TRIES to tell a very simple story yet again lacks miserably while doing that (it seems Mr. "Greedy" Lucas likes to create an impression of complexity where we least need it). Cheesy acting, synthetic CGI (is it ever possible for CGI to not look "synthetic" and "cold"? Our characters are looking to the SKY when talking with these creatures; because there isn't a creature in front of them. What a painful experience!), and I can't help but wonder who writes these AWFUL lines..:

"I don't like the sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating--not like you. You're soft and smooth."

Oh yeah? What kind of an idiot would compare the woman he loves to the... Well... SAND?

And once again, we have lightsabers, but we don't have gore, not that the "gore" is a MUST but come on, A LIGHTSABER CUTS EVERYTHING OTHER THAN ANOTHER LIGHTSABER! I MUST FEEL TENSE WHEN a duel happens! But no, I don't care at all. All I see is nothing but a bunch of colorful "sticks" swinging in the air. There is no tension, the movie is not able to give it to me. Why? Because it seems these lightsabers are not dangerous, they have these "fantastic" eye-catchy colors ranging from green to purple. Wow, what a great thing to have all the colors of the rainbow! What a "colorful" battle scene! Colorful yet soulless. Because we need KIDS in cinemas across the planet. We can't earn enough to feed our greed if we have an "R" rating. As always, this is a movie where we have swords that easily cut ANYTHING yet we still have a "PG" rating.

Have you watched LOGAN? You need to have GORE where you need it. Simple.

VIDEO..: You want to see REALLY GOOD sword fight? Then you should absolutely watch the FINAL DUEL of ROB ROY, it's a masterpiece. Do you feel the TENSION between them? Yes, you do, because one of them will die soon. This is serious, right? That's what I was talking about. Are you hearing any nonsense dialogue between them? No. Are they talking with each other? No.

Now please try to remember what happens when Master Yoda confronts Dooku, or Obi Wan confronts Dooku? BLA, BLA, BLA! Talk, talk, talk. And you know what? If they have to talk with each other, at least give me some meaningful dialogue dear script writers! I haven't came across a sword-fight in any Star Wars movie that has the same amount of tension which we feel to the extreme in Rob Roy.

AND YET WE HAVE LASER SWORDS HERE! Now, isn't that absurd?

REVENGE OF THE SITH is by far the only "above the average" movie in PREQUEL TRILOGY and it was a great experience to watch Anakin's tragedy, ANYWAY, we still had endured "KINDERGARTEN LEVEL" script. I don't remember even a single memorable, quotable dialogue from the PREQUEL TRILOGY... ZERO! (Hmmm, sorry, it seems there is one memorable quote, SUCCESS! - "So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause" -Padme)

Now, we have the ORIGINAL TRILOGY, and we have the PREQUEL TRILOGY... We've even heard George Lucas himself mentioning that the Star Wars was the story of Anakin Skywalker...

Then, "THE END", right?

Because we have a CASH-COW.
Then let's abuse the cow!


Star Wars NUGGETS?!

Star Wars ORANGES?! Come on dear industry, your GREED has a limit?

The Emperor's New Clothes:
It's DISNEY'S turn to abuse the poor animal,
The "Star Wars Cash Cow"

If you have watched "THE LAST JEDI", then you'll already know what the above GIF means. I still can't believe it. Did "it" really happen?

-Come again? THE FORCE DOES... WHAT ?!
-It awakens.
-So, then, does THE FORCE EVER SLEEP?
-No. Well, I don't think so.
-But you've just said "THE FORCE AWAKENS"?!
-#$@%*$# !!!

Do you think the dialogue above makes any sense?

I know it doesn't, but I am not sure if the genius who is responsible for the TITLE agrees with us. So, when the nonsense starts from the "title" of the movie, you better beware because it's already giving you clues about the rest!


VIDEO: This short clip from the movie clearly epitomizes "THE FORCE AWAKENS" in just 60 seconds..: NONSENSE and PURE ABSURDITY.

[Photo Source] - The shape of Kylo Ren's (another adolescent idiot) lightsaber is the most original idea you can come with, right, you moron story writers?

But hey, wait a minute! It seems The Long Sword has already been here for centuries (irony), and we already have a movie which tells EXACTLY THE SAME STORY..: "A NEW HOPE"!!! (irony again) - This is what happens when you DON'T HAVE A STORY TO TELL BUT PRETEND TO HAVE ONE!

I wish the writers of THESE RUBBISH movies had asked for the help of the writers of SOUTH PARK! I am 100% sure that they would at least come up with something original (by the way, I think that SOUTH PARK is a very SERIOUS business)..:


  • Question:"What is the difference between a SOUTH PARK episode and a Disney STAR WARS movie?"
  • Answer: "One of them has a STORY to tell"

VIDEO: An idiot named Kylo Ren who has the power to STOP A LASER BLASTER, but is not able to cope with an UNTRAINED teenager named REY. Why? Because THE FORCE IS SO STRONG WITH REY, so the story tellers have the absolute right to make fun of our intelligence again, again and again. By the way, let's not forget to add that the same Kylo Ren wears a mask without a reason. He doesn't have asthma (irony), he doesn't have any scars on his face, he is not Bruce Wayne (irony again)... Oh, I've just remembered, he wears a mask because DARTH VADER is his idol! Then why don't you cut your legs and arms and burn in lava you idiot?

I have a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with absurdity thanks to the "Star Wars Cash Cow", but one thing that still wonders me the most is what the hell MAX VON SYDOW was doing in this "movie" (you may remember him from the Ingmar Bergman movie "The Seventh Seal")? He doesn't have any money left ?

This is a movie that fails to create even one, single moment to remember; Han Solo's "death-scene" included. Imagine a movie that even fails to dramatize Han Solo's death. The movie is that horrible. It's even incomparable with the scene where they encased Han Solo in carbonite in "The Empire Strike Back" (and yet he was still alive there)...

Do you remember a line from the movie? I know you don't.
Do we need a SECOND "A NEW HOPE", especially if the ORIGINAL was good enough and the "SECOND" one blatantly packaged as a "NEW" story?

Do we have to buy into that ABUSE?
I think DISNEY'S SHAMELESSNESS is beyond imagination.

And when we finally arrive to the "THE LAST JEDI", we see a Luke Skywalker who non-stop attitudinises like an adolescent with classic cliches (almost half of the movie). His character is full of weaknesses and contradictions ("weaknesses and contradictions" would be "ok" and might even be beneficial with a powerful script, but we don't have a script here. What is the meaning of shutting yourself off from the "world" while your sister does her best to fight with evil?), it's really hard to believe that this is the same Luke Skywalker who is the son of Darth Vader and the hero of the Rebel Resistance. As you might have been guessed already, he first refuses to train Rey. But guess what happens then? HE TRAINS HER! (irony) - Wow what a surprise! - We see General LEIA (our beloved former princess) USING THE FORCE in a way which made me laugh like I was watching an episode from Monty Python (I still can't believe to my eyes that "they" added a scene like this)...

And when Supreme Leader Snoke was killed like that... Oh my... How a Darth Vader wannabe adolescent like Kylo Ren could kill such a powerful Dark Lord with simply triggering a lightsaber switch? By the way, what do we know about this Snoke other than he was performed by Andy Serkis? NOTHING! And you know why?



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Enough is enough, right? That's not Star Wars. That's the abuse of Star Wars!

This is the only movie that gets close to the spirit of the Original Trilogy..: >

amazing post.


Thanks very much dear @almodovarian :) - These evil corporations made me a Star Wars hater. I am not a Star Wars fan anymore, I am just a "The Empire Strikes Back" fan. :)

The old movies are better than the new ones, there is no doubt about that. And when people in charge think that money speaks louder than words, they miss the point all around.

The old movies were made to spark emotions with the beautiful characters and the problems and relations between them. The special effects back in those days were awesome and groundbreaking but they were just a way to express the reality of that particular universe.

These new movies have millions of dollars spent on special effects and they all lack the same: respect for the art of making films.

Great post! I just hope the future brings us decent remakes of what have been done these past few years!


@ricosdias Sorry for replying too late and thanks very much for your message. I still can't believe how they ruined it. Even "DEVALUATION" must have a limit, don't they think so?