The Meaning of Togetherness in Organizations

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The word "Togetherness" feels so familiar to our ears, especially to those who belong to a community or organization. But the people in the group did not know or even neglect the meaning of togetherness. Why is sense of togetherness so important in an organization, bond, group or community? The word "Togetherness" has the meaning of being a symbol that arises out of a sense of kinship / brotherhood, more than a cooperative experience or a casual professional relationship.


Togetherness has 4 elements that must be created and maintained by every individual who is incorporated therein:

One heart

In an organization there will be many people who have different opinions. One head one idea, one thousand heads of ideas. But if you want to make our group strong and solid, then should the common interests take precedence over personal initiative. Leave the difference and the language barrier, will usher our organization can run smoothly.

Not selfish

It is no secret that man is a "selfish creature". Whatever does not have added value, there will be no participation issued, even considered unimportant. If so, it is certain that the organization has only a program but no activity. Nobody pioneered, because all assume that what they do there is no reciprocity. If you want to have a solid organization, then we begin to learn to reduce the ego for the common good.


The organization will have a hegemonic member (mixed). Sometimes there are some members who do not have special skills and experience, their capital is just willingness to contribute. So should members who give older time, experience more mature, higher skills, financially more fortunate, to warm the sense of arrogance in and willing to work together (while guiding) dg other members. Humility will keep us from hatred, jealousy and the emergence of fragmented groups.

The willingness to sacrifice.

Every individual in an organization, will have a contribution that can be different. Some donate funds, thoughts, facilities, manpower or time. Those who have more financial donated funds for transportation and consumption, while those who have time to donate energy and utk needs. The contribution difference is incapable of creating a negative that can impact on the split. If you want to work together, then prepare the willingness to be willing to sacrifice and never itung-itungan.

If every individual is in an organization and continues to learn to find 4, then gradually the organization that will develop becomes strong and solid at the time of day. Self-awareness to be a better and growing person will be very beneficial.


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