Sponsoring feels good

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Voting reciprocity

I saw some people voting back my posts since I voted on their post. No need to do that but I still appreciate the gesture. I might as well always have a post active then.

Also thanks to those who voted for my witness @cryptohazard.

By the way I will increase the SP of this account. My votes should be worth more. I won't bother trying to optimise my vote. I don't target a ROI on this.

Why I do this?

I will publish a series of posts explaining my reasons for each tag. With that and the code release, more people will follow my lead.

Our communities are growing and growing and growing...
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Thank you for the votes <3

I just want to help people publish greater content around here.

It's very appreciated!

An excellent community gesture! Worth a witness vote!

Well, you can't actually sponsor people and expect them not to give back in return. It's a basic principle of live. Keep doing the good work.

Thanks, I am just trying to help the ways I can :-D

would you like to upvote my post???

Well this bot vote for the tags I choose automatically. I would advice you to join some contests around here and interact with people. That's how you get more votes and cash.

Voting back is just a good gesture, may be kind of acknowledgement of your good deed. After all when we are writing blogs we want to get noticed and upvoted. You do good , you get good. As simple as that! 😊

Maybe more people will do the same. At least that will make communities thrive here.

nice post, hello iam new here just start today

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Hi @lablockchain. Thank you for your upvotes. God bless.

Voting actually helps the community/platform to grow...Thank you for your efforts.

Merci pour ton vote :)
Super article, je m'abonne ! Hâte d'en découvrir d'avantage sur ton blog

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