Binance Teaches About Crypto

in community •  3 months ago

These guys wanna dominate everything. Now new site to teach people about crypto is raised -

Remember they also have top3 STEEM volume.

Still not on Binance? You must be crazy ;)



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I'm not here but I'll try it!

In fairness, binance exchange is one of the best outthere and its service was recommendable eventhough the fee is a little bit higher than the others but its reputation was not stained and can be trusted.

Binance is one of the top exchange and trusted.... I m using it from past one year no issue at all


Till now?


Had me worried brother. Thought there was a hack or somethin' Whewwwww!


Agreed, great exchange.

looks pretty neat. the videos are sitting on youtube though.
only English though there is some subtitle but nothing for my #cn friends.

Which exchange you use matters a lot

Still has high fees and constraints for some transactions, for instance buy other coins or tokens...Also the interface is better in other exchanges, for instance HITBTC!

Wow binance is perfect trading site and teaching provider

Binance is the 1st exchange i registered on and i am loving it.....

Haven't used binance in a while but I'm definitely gonna check this out.