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My mind is my temple, and my temple is mine.

Being able to express myself is as good as freedom gets. But in a social setting, certain aspects of self-expression works better to accommodate the collective diversity - that's a given since everybody has their own ideas and preferences.

Back when I first started writing my first post on Steemit, I did not even do any introduction since the culture wasn't all that apparent to me. It was with the first batch of welcome votes on my essay about The DAO's exploit that really pulled me in to discover and experience more of what the platform has to offer. For me, this platform has always been quite like an open-source community, with the added omnipresence of an invisible hand, controlled by many individuals on the network to reward interactions.

It was and still is, magical.

Now, I can be entirely individualistic and just mind my own business. But let's not kid ourselves. We have always been collaborative creatives, and we're all pretty much captains of our own boats, sailing along, heading for the promised land. The promised land could indeed mean different things to different minds, but you get the gist of it. All I'm saying is, we all really do share a desire for a better tomorrow - whatever that may be to each and everyone of us.

The question

So how do we really function well together as individuals in a collective? How do we reduce friction and promote friendly exchanges? Let's be better, faster, and stronger as a team. I will publish my own elaborated thoughts on the subject matter in one of my next posts!


That first line sure is a tongue twister if you say it 3 times fast. :)

But yes, it will be interesting to see how things go when taking ideas and input from the "wisdom of the crowd". Sometimes that works out great but more often than not the crowd has trouble agreeing on much of anything as we have seen here many times...

We will see how it goes this time though and hopefully we can find a way to all work together for the good steem and steemit!

In one of my next post will talk about how silicon valley companies are able to work together in large groups :) But of course at the end of the line, a decision-maker!

You forgot harder!!!

Haha I've always thought it's the redundant one out of all 4 :D

I think mutual respect goes a long way in helping a group function the way it is intended to. Nobody likes to get offended and ideas just die if there is a hostile atmosphere in the group. So, yeah, I would say that mutual respect for each other maybe a starting point of getting to the bigger goals.

Yes that's about right. There are also ways to communicate contrarian views along with the status quo without losing one's stance..

Exactly. People today think that if there is a person who has opposite views than them, they should automatically belittle that person which is not how ideas grow.

I want to hear more on this topic. How can we function well together as individuals with different powers in a collective? Will a group of SP Whales rise up and lead by example to create a community that would be faster, stronger, and united? And who will be bringing the java and donuts?

Maybe not as united but there can be a culture where collaboration would take up less friction between users, etc. The drones will take care of the food and drinks ;) lol

Good news, the refreshments are half the battle. Collaboration is the key. Keep the kiddies busy! We are just scratching the surface of all the possibilities we could launch. Looking forward to you next posts.

Better, faster, stronger...I would add also longer and thicker.

When you get to better faster and stronger, space-time continuum will cease to exist, hence dimensions like longer and thicker would be rendered irrelevant.. Lol

Great, so size doesn't matter, it depends on how you use it then.