Is The Hive Logo..... a Gangster Symbol?

in #communitylast year (edited)

My innocent post was just spammed by some Hive gangsters. Why would I want to go there now? You should be ashamed ! Does bullying really entice people to come? Has bullying ever been a part of anything positive?? No... it has not.

Too much has been going on here and in the real world and I had not posted for a month. Finally I come today with an innocent post (previous to this one) and some Gangsters from Hive come spam my comments. There was really no good reason for it.


They say they are against communist and suppression of freedom & etc, but then they come like a pack of bullies and horribly spam the comments on my post. The post has nothing negative about Hive or anything else.

I am truly wondering about the real character of these people and questioning whether it is something I should ever consider being a part of.

This makes them no different than the one they are raging against.

Unbelievable !


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