7,000 SP And Rising—Thanks To Low Prices And Investing

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Back To Bragging, If You Can Really Call It That

Today, I surpass 7,000 SP. At the same time, I pass 2,500 earned SP (meaning the other 4,500-plus comes from investing).

I have my monthly stats report coming up on Saturday, but I decided I would separate these data points out, and maybe expand on their significance (to me, if no one else) in the process.

I've posted before how I've been on a mission here to prove to myself (and anyone else who might care about it) that the social media platform on STEEM can be used some measure of success without much more than posting and commenting something of value, and then upvoting others valuable content. The success is not spectacular. It's not life changing. Yet, definite, measurable progress.

STEEM geyser.png

My progress has not been like this image. But it has been consistently improving.

I believe I have been achieving this. I've done it without self-upvoting, using bidbots, circle voting (I have a few autovotes, but that's purely up to them). I still manually upvote and while those who upvote me will probably end up with an upvote of some kind from me at some point, be it on a post or a comment, I'd be very surprised to find that it's one for one across the board. Sometimes it will be more, sometimes it will be less.

I've also done this without taking my articles to discord, or spending a lot of time there making friends. Well over 99% of my correspondence with people has been on chain. I've not been involved in any major STEEM organizations. I have been involved in contests, the longest and more rewarding of which has been the Curation and Engagement Leagues. I've earned STEEM there, and just as importantly, I've met and engaged with many more people than I would have otherwise.

The bulk of my earned SP, however, has come from posting, commenting and curating. Then, repeating. Over and over.

I reach this level of SP in a little over 17 months. Likewise with the earned SP.

I know I'm not the only one who has been doing things the way I have. I know there are quite a few who have made more than I have in that span, just as I know there are plenty who have made far less.

I'm sure experience varies on STEEM, but I think I can contribute my growth to a few factors.

Lower STEEM Prices

No, I don't like lower STEEM prices, just like everyone else. However, there has been the silver lining of higher STEEM earnings because of the way the reward pool and payout systems work. The increase of earned SP per month I experienced since the last quarter of last year coincides with STEEM falling to well under $1 USD, and staying there. I've noted in previous posts that Musing was the means by which a lot of my SP was earned from the latter end of October through about mid-January, which is true, but the lower STEEM prices drove those earnings.

Aside from the rewards/payout calculations, an increased visibility for all posters as some users stopped or reduced their own activity, possibly contributed to this, but I really have no way of pinpointing to what extent.


While I'd invested prior to this I made two major buys in September and November (major for me) that more than doubled my STEEM. If not for the lower prices, I would not have bought more, but I was happy for an opportunity to buy in at lower prices, since I had been chiding myself for not getting into STEEM sooner, back in July of 2016 when I first heard about it and the prices were lower.

While I didn't end up buying the biggest dips, those last two purchases dropped my per STEEM cost significantly, far better than the the $6 and $5-plus amounts I purchased in much smaller increments to start with.

Without these two things, lower prices and a greater investment, I would not be making this post. I would not be at 7,000 SP. Not now, anyway.

In the first 8 months of 2018 I amassed a little over 570 earned SP. While the value of STEEM had fallen, it was not yet well below $1 USD and lingering at that point. Some of what happened in that eight month period of time can also be largely contributed to discouragement. I know I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I should have because I was pretty down on everything. It didn't help that life things kept getting in the way, particularly in July and August.

It was the lower STEEM value and the investment that helped me to double down and lift myself out of my "what's the point" mood.

Over the last nine months since, the amount of earned SP will be 1,900-plus, a substantial jump. I've had triple digit SP growth in each of those nine months except for February. In the first eight months, I had none.

This Is Why I Say

STEEM is not a social media platform. If it were, it would payout differently. STEEM is much more an investment platform than anything else right now, and without users investing more than just time and effort on the platform (for whatever reasons—no money, lack of faith, wanting to do it all based on earnings), it's not taking off as an investment platform. Instead, we've had all kinds of selling off going on instead.

I know people believe there are more factors involved. A lack of a cohesive vision, governance, marketing, etc., certainly isn't helping. The world at large doesn't know about STEEM, and those in the cryptospace who do seem to be underwhelmed by it. It's not because of what's under the hood. Which to me means, things can be improved.

This is why I've said messing around the edges with the reward and payout system isn't going to lift the value of STEEM. It's why I've been saying we need commerce. Our attention needs to start turning away from earning from the reward pool, to accessing all of STEEM.

We need current users who can to start building. We need non-users with money but without a viable platform to come check out STEEM. And, we should seriously take a look at some kind of vetting process, too. I don't know how, but surely there's a way to set some sort of standard so that we don't keep running into the cycle of unfunded apps showing up, then taking off after they've made some money or established themselves, while being left with apps that continually stay in beta, hardly update or improve, and seem lackluster to those coming from the mainstream that are used to a certain level of versatility, flexibility and functionality.

I know there are plenty of people here who depend on higher STEEM values to help supplement or pay bills. I get that. Unfortunately, the reward pool and payout system are designed for sustainability in fiat when the value of STEEM is low. It is, however, designed to collect more STEEM. So, while I'll be relieved and happy when STEEM finally goes back up, I'm going to try to collect as much of it as I can while it's still low.

Images source—Pixabay

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I guess grandpa likes
While eating

Posted using Partiko Android

Hey, @bluerobo.

I have been known to down a few beers of root now and again, but that's about it. Right now, Coca-Cola or Dr. Pepper are the beverages of choice, when it's not water. :)

A great milestone to achieve especially how you have been able to do so! A great example to the potential of how a user can build an account here. There has probably never been as good of time to start accumulating Steem Power than now as the activity has shifted to more Minnows and Dolphins like us that see the long term creation that engagement brings to the ecosystem! Great job!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hey, @newageinv.

Thank you. I appreciate that. I think we do have a core group of engagers here, and some others who regularly interact, and hopefully that's resonating throughout the whole of the social side. It would be great if it did.

That said, it would be even better if some kind of business recruitment campaign could at least be conceived of and ways to onboard them easily and quickly so they have accounts ready for their use would be nice. :)

Congrats on hitting that milestone. It's a big step. I know that's not the difference between fish sizes, but it's very impressive.

I miss Musing. I really enjoyed searching for questions and posting answers. I also really liked the rewards that came from that. Oh well.

What's your next big plan for getting ahead?

Hey, @themanwithnoname.

Well, thanks. It isn't a size move among the fishes, but as you say, it's significant. Especially since it's the snail way. :)

Musing is around. It's back to curating, just at the level it did prior to the big delegation. I don't think there's nearly as many working it, but I do go back multiple times a week to see if there's something to answer. I can get as much if not more out of a single answer than I will often manage with a full blown post.

I don't know that I have a plan, really. More of the same? We'll have to see, because my wife really wants me back to work, and since it's been quite a few years now since I had my own business, and much longer since I worked for someone else, getting back into that could be problematic. But it could also take a bite out of what I can do, anyway.

I don't think anyone is going to get rich quickly at this stage of the Steem game.

I didn't realize they were still at it. For some reason I figured they had shut down. I may have to take a look at it again.

Getting back to work could be rewarding, both financially and professionally. Although you likely wouldn't have as much time when you're "less structured." It could take some adjustment to get used to it. Hopefully you can do something that you really enjoy and that pays you well.

I have yet to find anything that I throughly enjoy that pays me well. There aren't a whole lot of jobs that pay me to eat and watch whatever I want. :) Okay, that's only a slight exaggeration (about what I enjoy doing). It's been over six years since I was gainfully self-employed, and over 20 years since I worked for anyone else. So, at this point, enjoying and paying well are probably more like the opposites on both ends. :)

I would settle for be able to live comfortably eventually, if eventually could happen within the next 10 years.

That is a milestone to b happy at. You are close to 10,000sp. Just a matter of time I believe

Hey, @adenijadeshina.

I've been thinking about investing some more, especially when STEEM drops into the mid or lower $0.30 USD. I just haven't had the cash really to do more. I would like to make that bump up, because even at my current rate of earned SP, it's still going to take over another year from now to potentially make 3,000 SP.

Oh. Yea. It is a good time now to invest in steem now that the price is down. Steem have a great future

It would be nice if there was a simple and secure easy way to just buy steem. It was nice to jsut buy some steemmonster cards and get some free steem in the process. That was a simple thing to do, and I felt safe doing it, not sure I would feel as safe today doing it after seeing and reading about other apps/programs taking the money and running, but at the time it was simple and easy.

My Steem Power continues to build slowly,but it is steady progress, except for the vote value, I am still sub-four cents.Maybe in another month I will be back up to a four cent vote.

Hey, @bashadow.

I guess we all just keep plugging along with the time and resources we have available until more commerce types of interactions come along that we can earn and spend STEEM directly with. Like STEEM Monsters.

I think Magic Dice was a whole different thing. With STEEM Monsters you have two very high profile witnesses running the show, versus I guess the maker of dMania, who seemed somewhat shady from the outset.

I don't know. As I said, I think we need to do some screening, vetting, some kind of standard setting, whatever. Right now we seem so desperate to have anyone build anything, we don't really look at quality or capability, or we certainly don't seem to care about sustainability either.

If decentralization equals mediocrity on every level, then we've got more problems than we thought we did. :/

I know we all like to see steem blockchain as decentralized, I know steem would like everyone to see it as being decentralized, it is a great selling point for steem.

There are a group of 20 people that decide what goes through and what does not, what changes count and what changes do not. On that committee of twenty two accounts control who is on it and who is not. When this is pointed out people are quick to point out they only pick seventeen of them.

The mediocrity of steem and the block chain flow from two people or perhaps one person controlling the two names. There is no reason for seventeen of the top twenty witnesses to do anything other than the bare minimum and no reason at all to raise themselves above the mediocrity level.

So we continue, sometimes feeling like it is all in vain, but none the less we continue to strive to rise above the mediocrity, (maybe not so successful in some cases), but still we try. We work on making our own path, choosing our own direction, and dealing with the road blocks some of our Company workers and owners want to throw in the path we choose.

I loved it when steem monsters sold cards with an attached steem bonus power-up, The only reason I bought cards packs, so I could buy the steem, yeah it was a high steem premium, but I think with the selling of my cards I did not lose to much and may have actually made a dollar or two above investment, and if steem does back to $1.50 then it would have been a big win.

re: back to $1.50

When the price hit around $8, then back up to $4 and even when it hovered around $2, it didn't seem unlikely at all that STEEM could be anything. Now, since it's been down well below $1 for months, and even with some gains for Bitcon recently (though it's been retreating, too some) $1.50 seems a little farther away than it was earlier.

It's true. We carve our own paths. Those 20 or two probably do have quite a bit to say about things on the macro level, but I suppose that leaves room for us in the trenches to make our mark, anyway, and do what can be done to lift ourselves and others up. It would be nice if we were part of their equation, but I feel that we are not too much more than a means to an end.

Very informative! Thank you very much.

Hey, @kaminchan.

Well, thanks. I'm hoping people can get something out of it, since I think what I'm doing is something that is being duplicated, and can be duplicated more so if people keep with it.

Keep up the good work, man! I just hit 1000SP recently, too

Posted using Partiko Android

Hey, @ddrfr33k.

Well thank you. And congratulations. It was kind of hard for me to see it at 1,000 SP, but as the account grew, so did the ability to grow it. So, at some point, I'm hoping it won't be such a steep climb. :)