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Hello Everyone How Are You?

I checked today a post @jlordc made, taking part in a giveaway-competition named it however you like. I jumped then to take a closer look of that giveaway, read the rules and what i have to do to take part in. The main idea is to create a post about at the title suggests ''what can you contribute to steemit''  so i said why not? that sounds interesting. 

For more information about the rules etc etc click here

Also check @jlordc if you like, he has some amazing informative posts and tutorials regarding tools and apps based on steemit and he is an anime lover!

Let's begin!

In a few words what i can contribute are the ''True Values Of A Steemit Blogger''

Now let me analyze it a big further because those words carry a huge weight. I am for quite a time here on steemit, i have seen people come and go, i have done it to due to personal reasons and i have seen steemit undergo many changes both good a part. In other words i have seen things. Sure there are people that have contributed way more and i mean way way more than me but my values remained the exact same from day one and those are:

  • To Make Quality Posts: What i mean by that is to dedicate my time creating a post that i believe will have an impact to somebody and at the same time it will worth their upvotes. More specifically as we talking about ourselves i tend to type mostly 2 kinds of posts. 1) Posts that entertain people: Those are posts of funny things that happened in my life or suggestions for great anime,movies and series. 2) Scientific Posts: Those are a category i particularly enjoy and are always more in depth articles that i believe the reader will earn a lot of valuable things. For example that is scientific type post i wrote yesterday: Evolution Of Human-Like Robots
  • Not To Plagiarize: I always try to have copyright free images in my videos and never to still other words without mentioning and give the credits to the owner
  • To Interact With People: This is my favorite and i try not to let a single comment without a reply in my posts. Also i manually upvote each and every single post which i try to read and comment and i think i have done a pretty good job at that. Interacting is the key to everything and a good reason for people to stay in this platform

  •  Not To Use Bots For My Content: That is something personal although many people will agree. I consider people using bods to upvote their content to do the exact opposite of contributing in this platform and a simple example is that by buying votes you ''hide'' completely from the trending-hot page actual quality posts
  • Greeting New People: To be fair I have a couple of months to do this ( cause i was out of steemit for an eye surgery and not i am getting back to my everyday schedule) but i used and will do again, greet new people joining this platform
  • Helping New People: I don't like to be seen a lot that's why i talk a lot with people that need my help in private. In every single person who i greet i tell them that if they have any questions i can answer i will be glad to help them and give them my discord or steemitchat name to do so. Even to some beggars that ask for money via pm i tried to talk some sense and guide them. ( In most i fail but i had my successes :P) 
  • Joining Communities: I am part of a couple of communities, but yet not so active as i am in too many :P i guess i have to narrow them down in order to be more active and productive to each and every single one of them. 

I know that those may seem like nothing but i believe they bring value to the platform but not in a mass production way. Also i known a bunch of ways to contribute more and i have made some further plans for that but as i am not currently do anything more from what i mentioned i can't write those down. 

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Hi @filotasriza3, thank you for your participation in the "Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest".

thanks a lot and great initiative!

Nooo! I have now one more competitor lol Thanks for the shoutout! :)

Interacting is the key to everything and a good reason for people to stay in this platform

This is so true. I have to admit that the main reason why I was attracted to this platform was to earn some cash, but what made me stay was the social interactions and the fun of writing stuffs. The right amount of interaction would satisfy anyone even if they are only earning less payout. XD

haha you deserve to win more than me! I just liked the question asked and the others from the previous giveaways!

Βάλε υποψηφιότητα για witness και άλλαξε επιτέλους όλα τα κακά στο steemit!!! Εσένα θέλουμε, εσένα θέλουμε!!! :)

χαχαχα αυτα ειναι για αλλους εμεις ειμαστε ο απλος λαος :P

Απο τον λαό όμως πηγάζει η εξουσία!!!

χαχαχα τοτε να το ξανασκεφτω :P

yes, gotta put work into the posts! some people are just god damn lazy. i must admit i am too sometimes :)

nahh your posts are great and have a personal touch. It doesn't matter if it's a long or short post it matter at least to me to show that you love what you are doing, you don't steal content from other and interact with people. I believe you have all these qualifications!

Καλά τα λες μόνο που οι περισσότεροι εδώ μέσα δε λειτουργούν ως κοινότητα και ίσως αυτή η αντίληψη προωθείται και από την ίδια την πλατφόρμα..
Καλημέρα να έχεις !

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