SUCCESS: Last Night's LIVE Streamathon Addressing Rising Innercity Violence

in #community2 months ago

We didn't know what to expect last night.

We just knew we were coming together to do what we felt was needed.

At 7pm we went live on Facebook, kicking off a session of open conversation and a plan of action addressing this violence epidemic in Minneapolis.

We called it "Stop the Bleeding".


The conversation: how to make communities safer, and personal testimonies revealing the damage unsafe communities do.

The action: raising money for more community patrols provided by the trained peace officers of MADDADS.

Thank you to those who donated! Each $30 provides another hour of having a peace officer present in these communities. Donate here to help stop the bleeding:

Watch the replay from last night here:

Finally, love for the people making this happen: Anthijuan Beeks Sr., Vj Smith, Bunny Beeks, Ebony Robinson, and Tim Christopher

When good things develop, you know you're going in the right direction. So we'll keep going.

Please come along and take part however you can - donations, ideas for projects, media capabilities. We're all ears.


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