Bitshares Scam ~ Proposed Permission Update

This is a very simple short update to warn users about a bitshares scam that you could easily fall for. Please protect your account.

Many of you may notice a new tab in your bitshares account that looks like this


Pressing yes will give ownership of your account to a different user and your account will be emptied quickly like this


Please be very careful accepting any type of permission switches in your bitshares account.

You can also pay to delete this ownership change as well.



Thank you @jjb777 for supplying images to help warn the community.

Take care and be safe.



Are they now trading on rudex I thought they said the platform was a scam platform @erodedthoughts

That's the other dex I think. Rudex is running like a charm.

5.2+ million volume for the day between 5 assets I trade

How did it get on Rudex, in the first place?

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It is on rudex as well as bitshares and every other bridge site. It is a bitshares issue.