Let's Eat Discord - Drop in and say Hi Today

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The let's eat app has been up gathering Steem 😂 for the last few months and the development in the UI is now
in full swing.

The community is growing so the time has come to launch a dedicated discord service.

Let's Eat

Let's Eat is an app for effortlessly posting restaurant reviews to the Steem Blockchain.

The vision is to create a crowd sourced repository of original, honest and useful restaurant reviews on the Steem Blockchain.

We are well on the way, help us by adding your city to the map today.

Screenshot from 2018-09-05 14-35-51.png



Today we are launching a new discord service.

Why join our discord?


I am keen to build a community to add further credibility to the reviews posted using let's eat and get to know other Steemians using the platform.


Join us to spread the word about Let's Eat and Steem. Everyone can be an influencer and help us grow.


Find out how your delegation is being used. Ask some questions and hear about our anti spam efforts. We are dedicated to combat plagiarism and fake reviews.

Feature Requests

We have begun active development on the front end. Make suggestions about what you would like to see. What works and what doesn't work.


To improve the experience for users we would like to give intrepid users early access to updates.

Join is today and spread the word!


The links to get involved are as follows:

Our New Dedicated Discord


Drop in and say hi...

We are also present in other communities

Other Communities

Android App

Our beta app is available in the play store. Give it a try today and send us your feedback.

Download from the Play Store

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Yeay! I have join in @letseat discord already....

Very interesting project with great user value. I will give it a try thank you @eroche

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Thank you, Looking forward to the first post from the island 😉


Yes you bet thats gonna be a lot fun!!!

Cool to see the network expanding!

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Food review is trending in every social media platform these days, its a great idea to gather all the real reviews in one app, best of luck.


Thanks @ice-king the Steem blockchain offers an opportunity not only to gather reviews but provide transparency and incentives for real honest reviews by real people. Let's Eat is only scratching the surface at the moment.

A very great and fasting moving network..so cool.