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Sitting here

... reminiscing over the past almost 3 years, laughing... thinking "Come on, writer!!! Write! Tell a story that does these years justice. Share memories that will get everyone laughing. Express thanks. Send love. Say goodbye."

But... I can't. 🀯 No post can do it justice.

We live in a time where we think moments need to be captured on our cameras, posted online, or evaluated by others - in order to matter. Have you ever been witnessing some amazing spectacle, and your phone dies?! Gah! No more ability to record it! After a few frustrating seconds, you're forced to just soak it in and memorize each detail with your grey matter. 🧐 You will never be able to show anyone else in the world what you're seeing - you can only enjoy it for you, and marinate in it.

So, I guess exactly what these years meant to me - will have to stay inside my head. All I can say is..

Thank you for impacting my life.

I had a list of Steemian names, and I was going to write words to honor each of you, and then I thought... They already know πŸ’ž I've told them all along the way.

Because I am stubborn 😎

and usually find a way around the system - especially when it's being forced on me, I've decided to keep the best part of steemit and toss the garbage.

So while I won't be publishing posts (not really that big of a deal)- I will be commenting on the posts of the community that I have fallen in love with.

While I won't be giving upvotes (and taking half back for myself on the stupidest, greediest plan ever new proposal), I will be giving 100% of my appreciation as tips from @tipu. (YAY @cardboard - Thank you for giving us the option of dropping tips from our tip jar!!! hehehe Who knew it would change my Steem experience from the FIRST day I got one until now and continuing! )

Why tips? Because I think supporting the community is the best way to support steem. (and make no mistake about it - I still love the concept of steem, I just hate the greed that has overshadowed the potential.) Truly supporting someone should be about supporting THEM - not what you can earn off of them.

One final thought? Find a newbie you connect with. Take them under your wing, and TRULY support them. Then, teach them how to do the same thing. It might not matter to all of steemit, but it will matter to that one.

Precious necklace from my precious daughter

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And in the end...
... the love we make, is great than the love, we take!

yes indeed sir! though - i sure am taking a lot of love with me!

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This was a beautiful thought. You've been heard.

by the ones that matter to me :) yes thanks

Aww, I'm sorry to see you go. I keep thinking that the community-minded Steemians could make a big difference if we didn't get burned out by the out-for-themselves ones. Do reconsider! <3

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oh... believe me hehehehe its been talking and talking and asking them to compromise and reconsider their position.... but the disrespect to content creators has been real, saddening, and clear. (if you read any of my posts from last week - or even @shadowspub's today... you'll see it too)
i was a true believer. they've snuffed that out from me and I have accepted it and am ready to grow elsewhere.

but thank you for your concern! (and the concern for the platform!) wishing you the best !!! (and maybe you'll still see me flitting around, dropping comments and encouragement for people hehehe)

Love you lady - keep in touch!!! xxx

Oh yes... Am3gas 4 life.lolol

Was just talking to your sister hehehe we are still dreeming of the am3gas get together... I know it will happen... I just don't know how yet. Hehehe

My Dear @dreemsteem,

Thank you for the lovely visit this morning. <3

As I suspect it is largely my fault that you were ever here to make Steemit great, I guess it is my responsibility to help usher you out...

It's been real. It's been good. It's been really good... :D

I wish you all the best with Spunkee Monkee and of course with life, the universe, and everything.

As I said to you this morning, I hope to persuade you to build the future of the Monkees on BEOS, that new and amazing and wonderful blockchain bridging the BTS and EOS worlds.


Created by @stan and his wonderful and generous partners, I am convinced that BEOS is the place to be, and that (rather than re-invent the wheel) you will be able to build an amazing Monkee Universe there.

I know you're stubborn...

But I just might be the irresistible force to your immovable object... ;)

Much love,

- @creatr

Wiping a few tears away, here. You're such a lovely soul and an inspiration, @dreemsteem. People look up to you, learn from you, enjoy your presence. I hope you say a little something from time to time so your beautiful voice is not snuffed out.

Truly supporting someone should be about supporting THEM - not what you can earn off of them.

It's true. As I've said, I'm hoping that people who don't know how to blog and live in fear of writing anything from the heart take hope in this new model, and that there is an upside to the HF changes. I hope we see some benefits, and that it's not just a pay cut for content producers, but a nice pay raise for those who support and nurture new Steemians. Maybe I just look at life through rose-colored glasses, or maybe I don't understand the full impact (which is quite likely). I plan to adjust to the change. It has always been about blogging, connecting and supporting community for me. I don't see that changing.

So I'll still see you on Discord, right? Sending you love and hugs.

I still can't really believe it that you left. Even when you told us and were quite clear about it, I guess I didn't want to believe... And now it's here: you've left us.
Out of all people, I kinda thought you'd be one of those to stick around with me here...
I understand though...don't have to agree about the why's and what's exactly, but I understand nevertheless. You're one heck of a woman, and I really hope we get to stay in touch. Or else I'll just have to drop in on your doorstep on one of our worldschool journeys...
I LOVE you lady, the one and only @dreemsteem.

I'll make sure that I'll read this post later, found it in #PYPT channel

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Such a shame to see one of my fav steemIt users leave. We’re all put our heart and passion into every post even if they not perfect I guess it’s the effort what counts. Such a shame these so called whitnesses are so greedy and no longer care for the smal users. We all supported them but now they don’t care about us. Money talks I guess it’s a huge loss to see you go and honestly if good people like yourself keep going then maybe time has come... 😒

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hehehehe ummm i have too much fun with that :) guess where i still will be? PYPT hehehe so - you get your butt in there and we can still giggle together! and.... planning a meetup next year with @enginewitty. (right Witty??? am i officially on Witty Committee?? hahahaha) and you should totally come!!!! dont say no. don't say you'll think about it.

say yes. yes is the best :)

Gotham is chaos without you πŸ˜‰. And Oof I must come down to the pypt I had WiFi issues today but next week I’ll be there 😜. And Oof a meet-up but I live in the small island of England (I mean erm Gotham). But Yano I’m just a poor boy nobody loves me 🀣 ok I’ll stop rambling now lol

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that is so weird... i could have sworn there were clear directions to say YES.


look.... its a year away! and you can use the dreemie savings fund hahahaha (ask @bluefinstudios about it - its all the rage, don't ya know)

and... its like 6 hours for you to fly to the east coast. and guess what... also 6 hours for me!

so - meet in the middle

just say yes. :)

you can do it Batman!!! GOTHAM NEEDS YOU. lol

Oof clearly the bat πŸ¦‡ doesn’t follow the rules 😜 I’m a bad bat 😜. Oof omg you really like to beg. Lady I hate flying 1 it’s boring in the sky 2 got damn servers turbulence doesn’t sound good either and 3 doesn’t America have that weird Bermuda Triangle thing 🀣 lol I have 100s more excuses like I’m poor I’m this I’m that but I’ll stop so you don’t have to read a lot 🀣. I have a year to save okay let’s see rob a bank 🀣. If I did go I’d be the youngest there too 😬

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1.you love flying

  1. I will send you something fun to make it not boring in the sky
  2. Turbulence is fun! Like a rollercoaster!! Hehee
  3. You will fly far away from the Bermuda Triangle
  4. Start saving now Batman!!!
  5. Young people are so fun!!!

Omg dreem you listed all the stuff I hate doing 🀣 oh great what you sending me ayyyyy??? 🀣. I’ve only experienced some turbulence that wasn’t too bad I guess but had me login on edge 😜. Idk where the triangle is I thought it was near Florida πŸ˜‚ I will start saving but where does the money come from I need a job I need cash I need a life 🀣 ngl your such a goodbegger πŸ˜‚ to get me to come πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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Begging is my specialty... Lololol... But I only beg for things I reeeeeeeally want

So.. ☺️

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Hugs. Aye Captain =)

Hugs in return Monkee Mama! πŸ˜πŸ€—

I feel the sadness while reading this, we haven't talk longer or reading your post longer. We just interaction just awhile ago and then you'll leave. Well it's true, greed is ruling steem I think, many content writer's but only few were being noticed because they don't have much power and wallet to supply.

I think I understand your story, I do understand what do you want to tell. I respect your decision and be happy foe you. Anyway you won't be away in steem, you'll just giving tips to support someone. That's not bad idea I think.

have a great day

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Yes.. we can still get to know one another in PYPT! :) Thanks for your sweet comment! πŸ€—

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Safest of travels!!

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Thank you Sir Darren!!! :)

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@dreemsteem very nice post , super like it. And thanks for your support in my minnow post promotion contest. Really appreciate it. @adityajainxds #thealliance

You're welcome! I hope it works out well for you!

Sigh... It is sad to see you go, it was great to have met you but I'm sure that you will still be around on Discord (although I tend to be a bit more scarce there). Steem has lost a great ambassador.

Now the real question is.. are you Romeo or Juliet? Is this an allusion to some upcoming conflict between the Montague and Capulets? And who does that really represent?

Didn't they both end up killing themselves? Lol I'm too stubborn to die.

When I tire of one world, I just create another. Ask Talia πŸ˜‰

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Goodbye! Glad to have met you (and make you laugh) shortly before your departure!

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Leaving with laughter.... The best way to go ☺️

My ghostie shall remain lol... If you ever want a visit from me .. just tag me in your post. πŸ€—

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I'm refusing to say goodbye as I'll be haunting your DMs, email.... And any other means of getting my Dreemie fix. Love you Lady. I was definitely one of the many you made all the difference to, and under your wing has been one of the most wonderful places I've ever found myself xxx

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Yesssssss. I like DM haunts hehehe

I'm so glad that you came along when you did... Not sure my life would be remotely the same without you. ❀️

awww... I didn't even get to know you!

thanks to @bluefinstudios for sharing on #pypt and I look forward to still see you around over there ;)

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Aww, we only just got to meet you.
But I understand, hopefully still see you around discord and #PYPT though, shame... I like your sense of humour!

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well, then we will have to make sure we continue to meet up in #pypt! :)

and bring friends - we will make a great community that supports one another well - @shadowspub has a wonderful home there!

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Of course!!!! I will be there...pypt is a home within a home...

@shadowspub is my friend BEYOND steemit :)

I'll be there as often as I can!

Awesome, yeah @shadowspub seems easy going, see over you there.

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Once again, thanks for your support!

Thank you for the parting gift in concert with the @freewritehouse. I hate that you are leaving because we just met a little over a week ago, but I respect your decision, and will also check out @tipu. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and I wish you all the best.

@dreemsteem, you have left the community, but i have returned :( This saddens me. Maybe you will see this, maybe you won't... But i just want to say a proper thank you for the gifts from over the pond a few years ago, i never got the chance to properly thank you for the support, I lost my mind after losing my boy, the road to recovery has been long but I am finally back and i'm sure if you read this, you would be happy to know we are now trying again :)

Much love from England, good luck doing whatever you are doing!

Will miss reading your posts. Sorry to see you leaving. I am one of those newbies you took under your wing and tried to teach. Your writing was and is an inspiration and blessing to the people here.

Please stay in touch.

Ugh, I go on vacation and already it’s your peacing out post. Noooooooooooo!!!! I thought you were sticking around until they put the fork (hf21) into you?

It has been lovely getting to know you a little bit and feeling your dreemy (ee not ea) sun-shiny rays here on steemit.

Who is gonna randomly tag me now in posts I don’t see for 3-5 days? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


hahahahahaha well i'm still here - just not posting. I flit around and comment. I'll upvote til HF21 - and then i'll give out tips! hehehe so you might still see me!

I hope you had a great vacation!!!

Wow, am just speechless.

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I am glad to hear you will still be around. The Steemiverse and PYPT would certainly be more barren with you there. Much respect, and love, and hugs for you! 😊

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I've been back a week and a half to steemit after being away for almost a month... and now this!!! What's happening?
Lucky for us, we have your articles and book to read. I hope to see and hear from you very soon. Don't stay away too long, my sweetest friend, @dreemsteem.

I didn't really get to know you, but your passion for life, steem, community make you such a beautiful person to me. I understand completely. I hope to see you around the platform still.


Hugs Captain

well that's the cutest thing ever! hehehehe Hugs back to you my friend... it's all good in the hood. hehehehe
life goes on! :) and we still have Dm right??? ;)

Yes we do
And when I get to America I will hunt you down hahahaha
Can it get any creepier then photoshopping my picture onto yours ;p

Coming to America???? Mmmmmm delightful hehehhe

And that was just a teeny bit creepy and a whole lotta hilarious hahahaha

Totally worth the laughπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

See you around, tippy. And keep making spunkee spunky!

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maybe see you next week???? :) and the spunkiest spunkee ever! hahahaha

Yeah! You're not coming to my show tomorrow night, though, are you? If you are, I'll leave tickets for you at the box office, but let me know! Otherwise, wanna come next weekend?

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No I won't be down in San Diego until the 9th... And only for one day!

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Right, but I'm in Los Angeles. Aren't you also going to be in Los Angeles?

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Lolol no... Only driving through to get to San Diego! Lolol

We.only have 2 days there. One saying goodbye to my family moving to Florida

One meeting friends... Then driving back home the next day at 4 am so I can work that afternoon πŸ˜‚

Ah. Then I probably won't see you. :(

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Why was i told you would be in San Diego!?!?? Lololol

Or were lines crossed

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Love you in the short time I've known you...

I am still around! Just not posting ☺️ feel free to tag me on a post that you'd like me to visit and I'll come say hi!!! πŸ€—

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Oh wow! See why you're so amazing?! Thank you!

Still gotta try to support people, even if I don't believe in the system, right?

Hehehe sending hugs and love πŸ€—

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Awwww...a laudable school of thought!

Whaaat!! What about the monkeees!!

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Believe me.... Monkees will go on. Hehehe

Just looking for a new home. Monkees is bigger than its host. Monkees are beyond boundaries hehehe

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That's pretty sad that you looking for a new home!! You were so excited about steem being the perfect fit!

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Times do change.... πŸ˜”

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This is my first time coming across you. But i want to start with a HUGE thank you! Those who choose to stay positive and find ways around these new rules are like heroes to me....
But even more then that, thank you for showing souch love and for taking time to help the new guys/gals! I've been on a similar mission for the past few months. I started a project called the dowr-minnows to help our new friends out. We supply delegations, help educate about the chain and how to post/curate. We also help them grow through upvotes from my 15 accounts and by having just as many steemmonster accounts available for them. I also have a discord so our friends always have a safe place to go to ask questions if they have any. We especially enjoy helping prevent phishing attacks and fraud through education and action.
I have 7 new friends that i am currently supporting. @dunatos, @erixink, @loistargarien, @maxwellmarcusart, @mrnightmare89,@neenz and @nooblogger. So i really get what you are doing and i truly appreciate it. You deserve a whole set of hugs for staying positive and doing all you can to help others in the community.πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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You won't be able to honor your statement here for longπŸ˜€. You'll still need to earn to afford tips, right?

Anyway, earning more through curation allows you to give more back and allowing other's to earn more through your post is as good as a tip, correct?

I know SteemIt's centrally controlled evolution is pure hypocrisy, but remember, you were never here for the earnings, so what's really changed?

I cannot say the same thing myself, because interaction here is as low as the earnings. It takes too much work to gain in both ways on Steemit, compared to other platform's and you put in the work.

So, while my circumstances are different than yours and I will not be taking my own advice, maybe I've given you a valid perspective to consider?

Either way you'll keep on keepin on and I'm glad our paths have crossed.

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And i will keep going.. hehehe

Doors close, windows open πŸ˜‰

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