One Year On Steemit!

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It's my Steemit birthday!

365 days ago today I decided to stop playing all video games, stop watching video game content, and start blogging on a certain cryptocurrency backed social media website. A family member recommended Steemit to me and said he thought I would really enjoy it, and he was not wrong!

In the last year Steemit - the people I've met here, the content I've been producing here, and the financial support it has provided at times - has pretty concretely changed my life. Especially in the difficult beginning, Steemit was the only thing preventing me from going back to playing video games endlessly, at all hours of the day. But soon, Steemit became an end in and of itself, and an excellent motivator for me to write more and higher quality content on the things that interested me most.

Thanks to my time on Steemit, I met the awesome people behind the @steemstem initiative and met them all at the LHC of all places. My own study and understanding of fungi has grown exponentially and is set to grow much more in the future. The funds from my Steemit content paid for the incredible trip to Chile I'm currently documenting in my Amateur Mycologist series, and as a result also connected me to an entirely different and equally awesome group of fungi enthusiasts here in and around NYC.

Eventually, as I wrote for Steemit and found myself with all the free time that comes with not playing video games constantly, I began writing short stories and flash fiction again. That eventually turned into my subreddit "Legends From The Multiverse", which is currently doing quite well with over 1750 followers subscribers. Plus, the extra time has also allowed me to change my physical habits and become more physically active, as well as be more engaged at work.

Obviously, these changes are largely internal ones, part of the process of me tweaking my behaviors to influence the outline of my life. However, Steemit's roll in that process cannot be overstated, especially in the beginning of the shift.

Steemit was my replacement compulsion in lieu of video gaming - one that at least involved me learning something and writing about it and having a record of what I wrote. In the beginning I never anticipated it would be this successful - I just knew I had found a replacement addiction for video games that I felt was more positive overall.

Today, Steemit places a less compulsive role in my life, but not one of less significance. If you've read my most recent posts I hope you agree that they are no less comprehensive and detailed than my earlier posts, and indeed are much more so in many regards. I may not post as frequently as I did in the beginning, but I believe my content is of a much higher quality than it once was.

Thank you all for your support, especially, as always, the folks @steemstem and my devoted cadre of fungi lovers. I have lots more to write about, and many more beautiful pictures to share.

Here's to another year!


[Photo Credit]By Sander van der Wel from Netherlands (The birthday cake) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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Happy 1st steemit bday @dber, I am very happy you decided to to come onto steemit,as you know I am a huge fan of your fungi and slime findings and write ups, I have missed a few lately but look forward to catching up . Here's to another great year of learning and sharing your wisdom xx


Thanks Trucklife - I really appreciate your support and engagement.

Happy birthday 🎉

Congrats on 1 year! :)

Looks like you already know which community you'll be starting on Steem once communities arrive! :)


Thanks @acidyo! I certainly plan on it!

And thank you for all your awesome support, especially as I was getting my sea legs! Wouldn't be here without it!

Happy first anniversary, may they be many more.
It is excellent to have such motivated and enthusiastic people for the job, the best thing that the Steemit community has in the group.

Do not watch Ready Player One, lest you go back to your old habits! :D

But seriously, only a year and you managed all that. You're my role model!

Seems I missed quite a lot of posts. I was under the impression you were only writing stories now. It was only the 'distilled' that woke me up to your posting again here )


It has been quite thw year - and I did see RPO and it was definitely a bit of a nostalgia hit - but I managed to keep clean!

One Year On Steemit!
It's great to listen to others who have more experience on the platform and learn from them. I have little time in stee
mit and I really focus more on what the drawings are and one or two comments.

Thank you again, I wish you all the best.

Congrats and I wish you every year to be the best ever :)

one Year of success , congratulation

congratulations!and thank you for sharing this great vibes!

Congratulations to @dber for his birthday on steemit, I know what you're talking about because although I was always refused to share and join a social network, since my co-worker told me about steemit I have not stopped presenting different work, take up drawing and painting and rediscover that I was good at writing about different topics, now I'm tireless and I really want the goals I set with steemit to become a reality.

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happy birthday one year steem

Happy Steemit-Birthday! Where is my piece of cake? Jokes aside, I am happy for you.

And I am also looking forward to reaching this milestone myself one day!

Congratulation mine also! Keep up the great work and lets hope this platform booms 💯🐒

Congrats on your 1 year... Something worth celebrating... Cheers 🥂to more years basking stronger... This is just the beginning @dber

Happy Steemiversary! Cheers to another great year ahead. What's the number one thing you've learned from your past year on Steemit that you'd pass along to a noob like myself?


I would suggest finding something that you enjoy, writing about it with as much consistency and quality as you're able, and networking like crazy around it. Even now the major bottleneck to my success - or larger success at least - on the platform is my lackluster networking, and but for my connecting to the users I have connected to, I would not be anywhere at all.

So get onto discord, read other peoples posts and get commenting on them whenever possible.


Thanks for the reply and the helpful insight. It's great to hear from others who are more experienced on the platform and to learn from them. I have limited time to spend on here, but want to make the most of the time I do have. I have not checked out discord as of yet, but that might be a good next step for me. Thanks again, all the best.