Organizing your Organization

in community •  last year

Where do we start?

In order to go to where you want to be, you need to know where you stand.
Projects have a Goal to reach and it takes time to develop and each milestone gets you closer to completing that project, but many time we get overwhelm with the daily grind and we loose focus on where we stand. Where I stand right now is on the verge of a breakthrough, where complacency ends and difficult decisions begins.
Where I stand right now is in the middle of a family that relies on my leadership to keep them safe and looks up to every action or reaction that I take. I stand in a world on the brink of war and peace, because tomorrow is not promised today, but we hope for a future for our love ones.
As I stand with my words, my words are not lost in the wind because they are founded in the one who is above all names. We no longer stand alone but we stand together with hope for the future, with faith in God and with love to others.DSC00341.jpg

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