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Hello steemians,


Today i am celebrating my 3000th followers!

I never tought i would reach this milestone as i never tryed to get it.

I started to deal with steemit as a trader and bought steem then i recognized the power of steemit ecosystem and the long term value of the platform so i became an investors because i've powered up my steem and enjoyed the rewards voting for great contents.

I finally understood the responsabily each steemians have as shareholders of the success and rewards of the platform.

I started to post about crypto news and market fundamentals and i slowly got more and more followers.

Then i have been only voting and reading for few months missing time to post more often, but my desire to share ideas and knowledge with steemians was still intact.

In 2018 i will do more efforts to post my ideas, concepts and help growing steemit community.

I am very happy to read comments from last posts in particular the "Life experiment legacy" post , i feel we all learn from each other comments, reading the comment section become an adventure.

To thank all my followers and readers, i will upvote all comments of this post next 24 hours.

Thank you for your support, cheers!



wow. This is great. I am happy for you @damarth

To Upwards and Onwards @damarth

Awesome 👏🏽
Just hope someday I’ll get where u are
Your an example 💪🏽.

@jerryboy please can I have the link to your blog? And I have also started following you!! Thank you

Congratulations to you. I have followed your posts and I have learnt a lot from your kindness and humility. Cheers to you and wishing you more milestones on this platform.

Congratulations Mr @damarth I just discover you seddenly and I'm following you now

a really nice compliment you gave to @damarth.
you're most appreciated. @datageek

congratulations @damarth more followers .

Its fun following you!

congratulations on the followers 3000 and @damarth success always and I am happy to follow you here

I am very happy to read it, and I am happy to follow you always here

congratulations. you deserve more followers

Congratulations.. you are an inspiration to us.

Congratulation everyone.
Lets get connected.

yes. We should totally get connected @qami.
hope to hear from you.

thanks for appreceation dude.
Just followed you .
Together we grow fast.

wooow upvote party? @damarth :)))))

Right, share of happiness!

I absolutely agree with you, happiness multiplies as you share. :)))
I joined the new steem community. I saw your coincidences by chance. Normally I not understood much from the stock market, but you are post your shares in a simple and easily understandable way. It made me very satisfied. thanks @damarth

I apologize if you do not understand what you wrote ''google translate :)))''

such a great giveaway @damarth

upvote party? Lol! @darksea
we all appreciate @damarth

Wooow congratulations, wish you continued success !! Your success is a great example to us, I hope I will succeed as well as you. @damarth

And follow and vote you ! :)) @damarth

exactly @beyfendi
I also hope to be as successful as @damarth
he is a role model now!

You are so good.you really do this job very well.Go on :))
I'm following you :))

Congratulations. I can be like you.

Good post...😃😃😃

There are no lazy people. There are only those people who have the power to be the source of inspiration.
You set your goals and you did it! I congratulate you. I'm new here and I'll find an objective here. And then I will try to be like you! You are the ideal idol for me.
I hope I'll be like you.
Follow and upvote to you and reestemed...

he is definitely a source of inspiration

Have 1 more :)

congratulations hope for 10k :)

Congratulations! I’m almost on 200 followers only in less than a month. I need more. 😂

Thank you so much @damarth this is such a good way to end the celebration of my 32nd birthday 😂 Please check out my latest blog.

Cheers 🍻

no need to worry
you will definitely get past 200followers. @iwanderela

Alhamdulillah mate.. Insha allah one day I also get followers like you and I believe that. Pray for me and also best of luck for your future....

Congratulations, @damarh . I have just discovered your blog, like 20 minutes ago. Since then I read some topics you wrote and at first thought you seems to be a kindly and smart person.

Hopefully, I`ll see some new and interesting stuff here. I followed you just now :). Keep going like that and have a nice day !

yes @pydevnopro
his blogs are amazing

Undiscutable, yes


You just got one more! Congrats!

Amazing :)

Congrat dude :P 5000 soon!

Thanks, how crazy 5000 would be?!

Totally epic haha good on you bud :)

Good idea
I think u will be got 5000 folower

Congratulations for 3000 followers.

I am on 30 right now :))))

This post has answered my question about you. Congratulations! I guess this is just the beginning for you since you are now enjoying Steemit and really with your steem power. 🔥

Keep feeding the steemit community with more reliable info and more followers will troop in.... Thumbs up @damarth

yes. we all hope for that @tony-duke

Congratulations! dear brother @damarth, for that achievement achieved as a result of your effort, your perseverance and your dedication; Although initially you did not have it in your plans, it has now become a reality.

I am proud to be one of those 3069 followers who admire you and support you in all the projects you undertake. I barely have 664 followers; I'm just starting .

It is true, we all learn from everyone because each one is part of the mechanism of absolute truth and for that we are to learn and at the same time to teach.

A big hug in the distance. Let's move forward.

Congratulations friend..

Wow followers very much survived, and hopefully can give you a better post

wow. . hopefully they will @afkar86

Congratulations man, no one else deserves better .

extraordinary! I salute! Congratulation mr @damarth 😉

Can you share your followers with me ??? =D..


Wow. This is great news. well done. You deserve even more. Keep putting out interesting contents that will keep people engaged. And you will surely hit higher number of followers in no time

Exactly, steemit community is so awesome!

@congratulations for your reach 3000 followers and sure this is the result of your good work and efforts on steemit and your posts on crypto and best concepts @damarth

that is the price of committing to something you believe in, congratulations

its more awesome to listen for your reach 3000 followers @damarth sir
best wishes for you for your more success in steemit and in your whole life and we respect your efforts and best work in steemit and also for all of us

Thank you very much!

many #congratulations and sure we got the best knowledge and infrotamiton about crypto and on other topics and always your posts was helpfull for us and we will wait your more efforts to post your ideas, concepts and help growing steemit community.

Great work you've been doing on the steemit community. Thank you sir!

Congratulation @damarth, a well deserved achievement. I'm so glad to be a part of the 3000 followers milestone.

I am very glad to be part of that number! Congrats and,..


I follow you last few months, you do a great job! Keep going!

I will keep going for sure and a big THANK YOU for your support, I really appreciate it!

i dont know i couldent find right lace to say this but i am very upset of you as i got lat to that post you did 2 ays back couse i was out some where and yu upvoted everyone not me .. becouse i was late do something ..love you

I can't upvote indefinitively, don't be upset i might have more milestones to celebrate :)
Rules was for 24 hours no more.

but here where i live here a lot of peoblem with internet and i was out of home at that time so i dont know how did i missed that .. yester when i was chacking your profile which i do so i got that post ... i feeling really bad

Congratulations !!
Thanks the people who following @damarth

Yess you're right ! @flora.lori Thanks a lot :) @damarth

Wow, man congratulations to you! I wish you a lot of luck and success!
I hope that you will write articles in the future too, I love them a lot!

Congratulations damarth. You are an inspiration.

Lovely Milestone, congratulations!

My mentor I am happy you have 3000 follower and still counting..... More success

he is also a mentor of mine.
guess we have the same mentor @abiye

Congratulations boss for the milestone achieved.
You are one of the people I look up to and I pray I be like you some day

I also pray your prayer @fatherfaith

many many congrats friend on reaching 3k follower's and wish you all the best for all of your future endeavors! Stay blessed.

"I finally understood the responsabily each steemians have as shareholders of the success and rewards of the platform." Also my opinion.

Congratulations. Wish you further a lot of success.

Congratulations! You are a very kind person. It's very rare to find a person who loves to give back to the community. Happy 3000! I wish you more success on steemit.

he is indeed a kind person. @sirjoe

Congratulations sir damarth. You deserve more of this. I enjoyed your autovote for a while. It motivated me to post more quality content. Thank you once more.

Living the steemian dream! Congratulations :) As a greener than green newbie on the steemit platforms it's really empowering to read these posts. After all, we all want to live that dream also and it's only healthy to hear that it doesn't just happens over night, but rather through investments and hard work :D

Wow followers very much good, and hopefully can give you a better post, we hope more and more

Congratulations on this great milestone. Greater heights i wish you

my dear friend @damarth ,,, Congrats on yet another milestone with the followers! I hope I can make it there one day!
stay blessed
followed and upvotd U5dsvVEYZzY3PvwZW7j6QRt8AFsMEgZ.gif

Again friend @damarth
Congratulation my dear friend @damarth
i hope you will get 5k follower soon.

@congratulations sir and wish you a great success

Hope we will try to follow your work and opinions on crypto and maybe one day we will also get good success like you thanx sir for you always kindness with your followers on this platfarm

Enjoy the vote and reward!

Congratulation brother it is my dream to be like you some day. Cheers!!

@damarth congratulations on achieving the milestone . More grease to your cognitive wheels. Cheers

'more grease to your cognitive wheels '
wow I love this comment @badmusgreene

congratulations on the followers 3000 and @damarth success always and I am happy to follow you here 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Congratulation sir, I always feel smarter after reading your posts. Please keep sharing your thoughts. resteeme

congrats friend @damarth
3000 the is the result of REAL MAN! STEEMMAN!


hey friend @damarth reached the number of 3000 followers and achieved great success. I wish the continuation of your success.

followed // upvoted

Congratulations dear @damarth. It's a huge milestone and I can't find words to congratulate you better.
I wish you a lot of success in the upcoming years.
And I hope that this milestone will be only the beginning!

You will reach more milestones..
. Good luck and congrats

Congo Good bless you Dear.

One of my favorite people on the platform!
congrats :)

wow sir so awesome to listen it and many many #congratulations hope it will increase and it reach at 10 k in the end of this year and i appriciate your work in steemit and its more good that you start your work with crypto posts and get more good results and a better success @damarth sir

I recently got back into creating content for steemit, and i'm actually doing quite alright. Investors like you is part of making that possible, so i just wanted to thank you :)

congrats!! I am approaching 1000 followers ..it is so exciting to connect with you. :)

Wow very nice! Wish you the best!

Congratulations to you
I hope I get there soon
Thanks for the kind gesture

you are great .. new follower here .. let's become whales together :)

wowwww @rebeccabe . You are way ahead of me in this race. =)

Congrats, Congrats,my dear friend. you deserve more followers.
Cheers to you and wishing you more milestones on this platform.All the best keep it up sir..
upvoted & resteemed.


yes I agree with you @tonnykhan.
he does deserves more followers

WOW! What a biggest achievement you have got from this social media platform. Glad to see that you've got huge amount of followers and I'm one of them. 😉

You made this platform thought-provoking and we shared a lot of personal experiences with you. As I shared legacy experience of my life which was worst ever experience of my life.

Well, in this happiness, you should upvote me comment to celebrate this biggest achievement. 😉 Did I say anything wrong? No, 😍

Waiting :P

Congratulations, you totally deserve it

congratulations bro you deserve more and more

@congratylations damarth sir
wish you a great succes in steemit
wish you and your family many happinnes and joys in you life

Thanks @darmath, you are really an inspiration here at steemit!

This is a milestone on your journey on STEEMIT. congratulations, we know you will help this community grow.

I appreciate your good works @damarth

congratulations wish you all the best in the new coming year
you are really inspired us

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Congratulations . I am also looking forward to have 3000 followers in the future. Keep moving.

Congratulations. Wish you more success. I just started learning about crypto so i look forward to more posts about it from you.

Congratulations. U will get more followers.

Wao wao wao... @dmarth What an exciting news this is... You really deserve this man. Because your posts are simply awesome and lovely. Wish that your followers will increase and by the end of this year you would achieve 10,000 followers on steemit. and make history.

congratulations...i was so impress going through your post. i will continue reading your upcoming posts and hope to see more it.Thanks!

will do the same please @rolexino

Congratulations. You are wonderful. More followers shall you get.

Congratulations... You are an inspiration to many steemians. Better days ahead.

Wow! Thank you for being a blessing to us and to this community. God will continue to enlarge your coast! I hope to see more of you! @damarth.

Congratulations, it's not easy. Your hard work has paid off. I'm really inspired by this. Congrats once again

his hard work really paid off
peor mide will do the same @ pboss123

congrats fam! yu dish out great content. I am a proud follower too. keep soaring higher

Congrats man..you deserve it sir

Happy for you !! Congratulations !! More grease to your elbow

Congrats on reaching 3000 followers. You deserve any single one. Many more to come keep rocking! @damarth

Congrats @damarth ...wish for many more followers n success....cheers... :)

mira @gfs.gabriel muy interesante ya llegaremos a esa meta y mas...

@netcy esta debe ser la meta o mas... exito en esta nueva etapa, y para @damarth congratulations for your 3000 followers

A big congrats to you

Wow that was a great achievement which i will grow to be like [email protected] or more than you have achieved winks