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Hi my dear steemit friends, here is the new way to promote your post with the good value of members. My idea is to create a WhatsApp group for the followers to get a upvote for each post and comment by the really and fast responding people in this community who is looking to learn and earn quick. What you want to do is new users follow me and joint the group as well the old followers also joint this WhatsApp group.

Benefit: whatever the post or comment you did just share the link and get the upvote, comment from this group members in the give and take policy.

Joint here:

By @craazy-coin

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hi Dinuud,

Your blog is really good!

Thanks for sharing it!


Upvote, Follow me and joint the whatsapp group for steemit promotion link is given above in the post. "This reply for every steemit user".


I will love to join the steemit whatsapp group
My Number is +2348138654005
I love you buddy

You have my upvote!
Pls follow and upvote

Nice share

Ben katıldım . Follow me

Is this group still valid. I Want to join