Decentralized Society? That's ADSactly Right!!!

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There is a great new community on the scene and are all about team work. @ADSactly: Autonomous Decentralized Society Acting Cooperatively to Leverage You.

I have been fortunate enough to speak with ADSactly himself and I feel confident that what they are doing is something great. They are built around a concept known as Open Value Network. The idea behind this is to have a cooperative community and member independence and have a decentralized organization to achieve a greater goal.

What Can You Do There?

My time within the community has been great so far. Lots of different opportunities to be involved and contribute to different projects on and off Steemit. Many users that are new to the @ADSactly community are already taking part and helping with anything from content creation, to managing the community. People are interacting, meeting new people, and building relationships with one another to help grow not only the ADSactly community but also the Steem community.

They even have their own ADSactly tokens on the bitshares/openleder platform where contributors can earn some of those tokens as well.

How Can You Contribute?

Just simply join their Discord server and interact with the community. For whatever skill or idea you have, more than likely someone will help to get you started in the right direction so you can help contribute to the community.


They are filled with experienced crypto-traders and you can contribute to their cyber fund if that is something you are interested in. They have a site where you can view their portfolio and see what crypto they are holding.

You can visit to see the full list and join.


I have also been fortunate enough to meet a user in the ADSactly Discord server by the name @pjheinz that has created a project called @steemwatch and help with the project.

This service provides the reader with a daily collection of fresh content created by lesser known authors. Return each day for more thought provoking and entertaining posts you will find yourself sharing with your friends and family. Like Steemit you can even get paid for taking part in the project.

Something similar to projects like @curie, @steemprentice, and others, this project allows anyone to participate in the project and earn while helping great content be seen by others. For more details, check out the latest post.

The project had a bit of a slow start but we will be making some changes in the near future where participants can earn more and bigger rewards!!!

We will also be incorporating the project with the @ADSactly community so keep watch for that.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Feel free to follow and find me in SteemSpeak or ADSactly on Discord.

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ADSactly is definitely a cool project. Recently became a writer for them, and the set up they have is really awesome. Plus you get to meet a bunch of talented, and friendly individuals.

Nice to see you repping ADSactly, @bitcoinparadise :)


Yes, I heard of them a while back but never really looked into it until they started to be active on Steemit. There are definitely a bunch of talented and friendly individuals.

I am glad to be representing ADSactly :)

Thank you bitcoinparadise! Very interesting - I like what you are doing and you have given me some interesting avenues to look into. Thanks for your upvote on my "Boris" post - very much appreciated!

I am following you now - upvoted - and will resteem your posts!


Thank you. I appreciate your comment :)

Great post about @adsactly, they are a great community player, they gifted The-Curator some sbd to gift out to content that we put in our issues it sounds similar to the steemwatch project.
Great to have more curators finding the amazing talented knowledge here on steemit that helps grow the community.

Nice and interesting ! Upvoted @chanthasam

Amazing and nice post ,i like ;)

I love the purpose of inspiration you create

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hello friend baba g ke group ka kya huaa!
prr koi batt ni abb hmeee group ki koi jrurat nhi h abb bsaaa hi upvote kerna ka trika maine dundh liya hai

100% work kr rha hai maine chk kiya h ecii post pr dekh lo

I would also like to point out that @adsactly is one of the largest comment self voters on the platform by payout. So I guess this is one of the ways they are creating value for their organization.

You can check out the #project-smackdown reports on my account to see this, we've been countering their comment self votes for a few weeks. They 15th, 1st and then 3rd highest by payout value for the last three weeks.

When you adjust for SP it becomes less (last week it moves them from 3rd to 36th highest), but the fact is that they are self rewarding on comments larger than 99% of users.


Well, then others shouldn't be upvoting their own content and comments. Whales and others are doing it and have said many times that there's nothing wrong with self-voting and using your stake as you please so I don't see why this is an issue... They can just easily have another account upvoting their comments.