Weekly Check-up #5: Acceptance

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Welcome back to the Weekly Check-up. I have really enjoyed share some of my positive thoughts so far. Now we just need more people to join the party to help bring success to others. With that being said, today's thought will be short about acceptance so that the focus will be more on the link you share.


This is another one of those things that we crave and desire for but we also don’t provide towards others at the same time like we should. Why? Just because they are different than whom you are? That makes absolutely no sense. The world would really suck and be extremely boring if everyone was the same person. Think about it this way…

What is something that you truly enjoy doing? Now, imagine for a moment if everything about it was identical. Remove all varieties, changes and differences about it. So, how exciting is this new version of what you truly enjoy doing? Pretty lame is it not???

Stop criticizing others for being different. Just because you may not understand them doesn’t give you a right to reject them. How would you feel if someone rejected you over the color of your eyes? You would probably be hurt and confused. That’s exactly how a lot of people in the world are feeling right now. Stop trying to figure things out about someone logically. Instead, why not just embrace them for who they are and start spreading more love towards others. This will help improve our world. I am looking forward to reading and sharing your work. Thank you for visiting and be sure to leave your link below in the comments. Until my next post... Share. Inspire. Conquer.

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I have to admit, since I stopped using Streemian I've struggled to get my posts up here too. Thank goodness for DSound!

I had a post go up today about boundaries. I think those are important to remember when you're working toward acceptance.


I have to say I love this Weekly Check-Up. When I get my creative life in order (hopefully in about a month), I'll be checking up regularly. Perhaps more importantly, I love your thoughts on acceptance. I have come to believe many of our struggles with self-acceptance arise from our inability to accept others. We tend to receive what we give. The more I work to understand and accept people who are different than me, the better I feel about myself.