ANZUB - curation round up (19.09.18)

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Tuesday 18th September

@tattoodjayTree Tuesday overlooking the water
@quochuyULOG 088 - My witness is back up
@teamnzThe TeamNZ Mid-Week Post Delivery Service (19.09.18)
@apshamiltonRussian Spy Plane downed - Syrian "air defences" are more dangerous to friends than enemies.
@melbourneswestAnother beautiful Australian sunset
@thekitchenfairyThe Parthenon // Yuk Kita Ke Yunani
@j85063Roman gets new eyes.
@bobaphetIf You're Stuck On How, Then You Need A Bigger Why
@tattoodjayFalling apart

If you would like to offer delegation support to the ANZUB project, large or small, we appreciate every bit of help, thank you! and it all goes back into our shared community.
We are awesome!
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