Establish & Maintain Cohesiveness in A Community

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Integrity in a Community is of course very important, so that the community maintained its integrity. There are some Tips that we can apply in the Community to Establish, Maintain and Maintain Integrity, namely:

  • Cognition

In a community needs understanding. Without understanding between members, the community will not be solid and there is only a dispute in it. In the community we must know what character / character of each member so we must respect them.

  • If You're A Leader

In my opinion, there is no leader-leadership, because we go together in the community. But sometimes there is a saying without a community leader can't walk, and the community must have a leader. So, if you are a Leader you should be wise of members and don't be selfish. if input from a positive member, should be considered and executed. A leader must also know the good and bad in a community, know the character of the members, think one step faster than the other, the responsibility of the community must be fully in the run. Similarly, if you are not a leader must respect the decision of the leader.

  • Know the weaknesses and advantages between members

This is important in determining community assignments and divisions. Ideally each member complement each other to form harmony in doing the task. As a team leader you should be more aware of the advantages and weaknesses of members so that tasks are left to the experts. However, in order for the division of tasks to be more equitable and equitable - don't accumulate in one person, try to mix and match so that the less skilled men in the field can help and learn from the more skilled ones.

  • Allocate time to gather with your community or group

The essence of a community is togetherness. So get together often with community members, not just to brainstorm work issues, thwart plans and get to the front or other formal stuff, nothing personal. your community must know with whom they work, separate to create chemistry, build trust, and get to know each individual individual. The more familiar each other, the more they create a close bond between them.

  • Create an atmosphere of openness and build effective communication

Misconceptions are often the cause of incompatibility of a community. Complaints, dissatisfaction, and unresolved ideas are time bombs that can undermine a community at any time. So, make an agreement with your community to always talk about any issues within the community. Provide yourself to mediate and listeners when they need you as a 'vent' friend. Be approachable, because sometimes the boys feel reluctant to tell you and choose other community leaders who are more sympathetic to spill complaints.

  • Establish a common law that binds all members of the community

To minimize friction, make an unwritten agreement to always maintain work conductivity in the community. For example, if there are members who are at loggerheads to be resolved internally, are not allowed to discuss each other behind, or are prohibited from telling internal issues. This rule is important so that each member is committed and responsible in maintaining the integrity of the community

  • Do activities that can motivate and enhance teamwork

One way is to outbound / outing which aims to train cohesiveness. This is a good stimulus, because in the game there are problem solving exercises, trust, cohesiveness, independence, and responsibilities that are very useful to be applied in the workplace.

  • Recall the early formation of the Community

Finding a community that suits us is not easy, it has to be an adaptation that does not take a moment, pioneered from the beginning which is certainly really draining and brain. then remember when you started creating a community.

  • Don't Be Selfish and Arrogant

This is what happens most often in a community that is Egois !!! Feeling himself the greatest, the cleverest, got everything then acting arbitrarily in the community, but not necessarily this kind of person better than the other members, self-correction may be a better move. And if you already Success don't be arrogant, still humble and unpretentious.

  • Fun comes after the conflict

Vegetables without salt less tasty, so in the community if we have no problem with other members there must be less, then we must first conflict let me rock! But that does not mean we deliberately conflict with other members. Thus we will know the nature of other members, if there is a problem we find a solution, it is even a good lesson in the community. The next step is to make peace, "peace man ^ _ ^ V", then we respect each other, and build community for the better.

These are some Tips that we can apply in Establish, Maintain and Maintain Cohesiveness in a Community. Hopefully this useful tip Make us all. ^ _ ^.
And if anyone wants to add good Tips and build, please leave a message in comment ye buddy .. :)

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