I will no longer be working with OCD

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I am resigning from my position as an OCD curator with @acidyo and his team, effective immediately.

Thank you for all of the opportunities for professional and personal development. I have enjoyed getting to know each member of the team and value our friendship. Thank you for the support you all provided throughout the inception and official launch of the project.

I have confidence in your success and what it will mean to the steemit community. Continue doing great things, it's people like you who truly keep the steemachine running.

I will always attempt to curate in a manner that is consistent with the values and beliefs that led us to become part of the same team. My heart is with the people, the community and the future of steemit.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need my assistance, I will always be available on discord.

Thank you for being part of this amazing community

As Always,

Thanks for stopping by
Good Luck and Enjoy!

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You are definitely one of the nicest and most supportive Steemians in our community! I'm sure you will continue to support great content and contribute to the community on a consistent basis. Thank you @akrid!


Always. It's people like you that give me faith in the community and excellent content to ingest xD


Thanks my friend, your kind words are always very encouraging and and motivate me to contribute to the platform with the best content I can create!

Hope you remain virulent and successful in your other Steemit Adventures. :)


Always. The same goes for you holoz0r!

Be Successful Dear @Akrid


Thank you morteza! There is success for everyone on steemit :-)

I am sure you will always support people , if not on this way in some other :)


Always. The people are lucky to have you too! Helpful and giving :)

Best of luck to you :)


Thanks trendo. You too!

Happy trails to you until we meet again... I was actually singing that so be glad I didn't make a video and force you to hear my singing voice! I am sure your steemit journeys will be long and rewarding. Carry on Sir Akrid.

The Last Sage


I think I would have enjoyed that! If not only for the comedy and brightening my day haha. Best of luck and take care.

Thanks bro for all you have done and all the Steemians you have helped.
Be safe and prosperous.


Same to to you!


Thanks mr-anderson. Good luck to you too, sir!


Thanks dinsha


LMAO great name

hey ,this is real deal what you are doing ,cheers :)


Im trying very hard 🙂


You make it look easy ;-)

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Thank you very much