What if I'm the last man on the earth???

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I wake up and then I find everyone is missing after that I realize that everyone is gone in the earth what do you think?what I'm gonna do on earth alone. "I can just go to the cinema without paying"... I can take all the phone from shop for "free" I can sleep a the middle of the highway I can do anything....... I can break all the law I can break all the things without thinking... suddenly electric is gone "what happens!!! the light is gone now!!! maybe because I am alone so no one takes care of the electric system don worry I know how to use the generator and solar electric.


After one month,... that time I already crazy suddenly I someone walking in front of me I the human did not see me but I saw him should I ... waits!!! what if the human is not human and try to eat me or want all human to be gone from the earth... what happen if she a girl then I marry him then human will rise again...... or I make a team find human on this planet. "Ok let make friend with him Hello!!! can we be comrade and help me to save the earth??? (I hope a good human) I approach the human ! the human! the human It is the................" girl"!!!! the girl says "yes", I'm glad she say "Yes" let say if she says no what I have to do just kill her or let just find other people but I'm just glad that I meet a human .


So after we make team , if we find another man to the team..... I am gonna call my team a avengers 2 or the big hobbit whatever.......So she is older than me 6 years from me at the time when the human is missing she was at the lab, she was a young saint's who was create a teleport but the thing went wrong and teleport all the human to some places which were dangerous that time the only way is to go in a space ship to avoid getting teleport but my friend put me in space ship and save me then I survive, after that, the girl asks me but "how you survive??? I do know I just woke up it became like this20210101_234149.jpg. I ask the girl name she say "my name is Mia, I'm a saints "what your name? "she ask me or "I'm a Akkun and "I'm still a student so "where can you teleport all human?...umm that is..... I don know" the Mia say with guilty face". "How you don know?. "Here a map my friend give me but is in the jungle maybe there a clue on how to bring back human. I guess I have no choice is a date in the jungle" What!!! the Mia blush I'm order then you" you know" we save the human this not a date" I'm just joking Mia but is the fact it is a date" no!!! is not!! a date!!.


Start our mission!! we start from the jungle still have an animal luckily at the waterfall we find a cave the cave that brings us to the wall... the cave is dark so we have to find a torch fire ......... "there is the torch'' after Mia open the torch I see a huge big spider right in front of me, so I like a flash i step jump to my left and run to avoid from being bite the spider throw the web on me and I stuck, the Mia burn the spider web and pulls me out of spider web, we run as fast we can "are you sure! this does look like being mutant??? just keep going! if don wants to eat by a spider say Mia. We survive the spider and then have a door the door is full of drawing and writing what is this??? say me "is about a village with good Witch who is controlling the time while then there a human who was want to become a magician he was very poor, he knew that has the Witch that can control the time so he went there and ask for Witch to become his master he wanted to learn the techniques. The witch is agreed but with one permission he must not open or go inside the portal time... or something will happen. Now the magician is a famous magician also arrogant.....At the time in stages," we want more! we want more! we want more! magician say- ok" ok" you get this. with the stick he makes a cycle of the portal of the time with the stubborn ignore what witch say and went true the portal after that have a wind come out the stages the when out crazy audience is run out of the place ...... wait!!! don go this is part of the show waitt!!!!! the witch came out boom!!! "what have you done!!!! you ignore my warning!!! , I will stop the time around you and the curse is forever no one will find you except the portal is open!!! the witch giving the curse to the magician. the witch throws that magician inside the portal and closes the portal forever!!!....................

"Oh! the interesting story, so I think this is the door and the thing to open the door they must be somewhere here???? say the girl... I think I found!!! there a two rope we must pull one of this. so how?? say the girl... how about you pull this one and I pull that one. no! no! no! that bad idea says Mia with the face of angry... How about tuck!!! I think I push something off the door boom!!!! the door is open. that pretty easy!!!! wait!!! what is that grunggg!!! that sounds water outside the door.... close the door!!!! no run!!!! I and Mia is taken by water...wake up! wake up! say the girl where are we??? what the??? the girl and I are tied with rope the place is full of cards, who are you!!! say me. you don know me!!! the man was smiling like a joker. Magician? but how you get out??? say me. Let me tell you at the time I'm inside I feel angry and I have sworn to myself that I will kill all humans and rule the world. Thank Mia because of the portal she brought me out of my world. You two are only the last people on the earth after you guy go no one are in the earth hahaha!!!! you are evil!!!! say Mia to that magician. whatever I am going to celebrate this bye, bye say the magician. What are we gonna do now?? say Mia to me... don worry I am expert at this" with my strength I open tied my hand and Mia.." that means, all the people in the planet is trap in time" we have to put him in the portal"


we went out and we are surprised with outside what happens to the earth. the earth is full of destruction and devil. we have to go to my lab to open the portal say the girl!! Ok, you open the portal I destruct them ok let "go... Wait!!! you need a weopen take this armor and the sword are you kidding sword!! I want a gun!!! this is only I have in my bag this is not a normal sword it can pull out fire, wind, and water. hey, devil!!! the devil is listening arggghh!!!! devil chased me" this good day to die" with my sword, I swing then busshhh!!! all the half of devil is gone hahahahah!!! I love this sword"' let see if the devil can fly so I run to the high place then Wala, busshh!!!! the wind came out and all devil is flying while that the magician is angry ARGGGH!!!! kill him The magician uses the magic to me and I cannot move!! only one way to kill him. now!!!! but you also will be inside I say now!!! mia open the portal me, the magician and all devil went inside. After that, all became normal.... no! no! what I have do say the girl while that in the portal I was tied on the wood this is your fault!!! why! why! now Nothing can save you enjoy your death!!!! the magician is angry and wants to abuse me until death............... Chase, him!!!! It is like a someone tries to save me. you are trap!!!! say the magician the guy just swing the sword and buussh!!! finish all devil that look alike my sword and then the guy supports my body to his horse, the horse is moving away from that guy going to a ship
are you ok? sound of girl. that Mia"how you get here?? you should ask your self say an old man with the stick you are the one who brought us here!!! then the guy who save me come after a fight fast go! go! we need to get out now!!! boom!!!! we are on earth!!! who are you!! say me and he opens his mask and says I am you!!!! what!!!! that not make sense!!, my mission complete so bye !!! the Oldman uses his stick to sent me and Mia to home .......... all back to normal.....Bruh the date is over such a drag" I agree" say Mia with a perfect smile :)

that all for today have fun reading,


Hi @akkun, I love reading your imaginary story. If I am the last person on earth, I will be trying to save as much food and water and make sure there are no zombies around to eat me. Staying alive as long as possible until I can find a human being anywhere on earth.

It is quite unique your writing style and I think as you do have a talent in writing, just keep writing your story, cheers, ainie

@ainie.kashif thank but my writing is worse i need to practice more on my writing, spell still long way to go.

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