Africa and the prospect of blockchain technology, the mission of a thousand walks : africaunchained 2018 projections

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Our achievements over the past 4 months, starting since November 2017 to February 2018 was listed, having participated in the steemit in Nigeria conference, the steemit Christmas special in delta, the steemit campus invasion program, and now the plans to create a revolutionized entertainment sector in Africa using blockchain technology.

we have a voting bot, used and run by the community itself to vote investors, and random africans who have no chance of getting votes normally.

Our projections to reach 5 more campuses in nigeria, 1 in kenya, and open up 3 entertainment studios under the @debrecords initiative in 2018.

Hello world!

africa 3.jpg
This is @destinysaid giving an update on the @africaunchained project, where we are, and where we hope to be in the next one year.

Being a project that is five months old, we look back at the past to see how much we have learned and how much we ought to learn, and how much we need to learn and apply to our lives.

It has been five months since this project was launched and since that time, a lot of things have happened.

What is africa unchained?

We are a community, focused largely on helping africans be independent of the unfair and unjust structures and policies put in place by the governments and banks of today.

We help africans discover, understand and utilize cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and the intricacies behind them.

We focus on using entertainment, advertisement and non-aggressive political movements to make people understand that the concept of blockchain technology is real.

We are giving hope to the hopeless by providing a platform where they can share their talents, their experiences and become part of a new family.

We started out as simply a movement, but today, we are heading towards being a company, with an HQ somewhere in Nigeria within the next 6 months.

exempt from intro post

The advent of blockchain technology has inherently opened a way for people to move beyond the reliance of the government.

We saw a post by a nigerian about people queuing up in Nigeria for a Job and it breaks our hearts that despite the information that ''steemit'' was available, they didnt pay attention to it, instead focusing on what meager things the government could drop for them.
This is what this account hopes to break.

It might be a bit difficult to explain, but herein lies the goal, mission, vision and reason why this movement was born.

Not the use of cryptos, not the storing of cryptocurrency, not for the trading and profit making purposed that many currently use cryptos and their effects for, but the use of the technology the technology associated with cryptocurrecies, the secure near-unalterable technology that is distributed among computers(nodes) worldwide.

blockgeeks gives us a very easy definition of cryptocurrency as limited entries in a database that no one can change without fulfiling specific conditions
get it full here

Blockchain technology isnt new per say, but a combination of multiple technologies, used in a new and innovative way.

What we have done- entertainment, advertisement, support

While the first 3 months was a bit dry due to a split in partnership, backstabbing and various issues, we are finally back on track with the various movements that we have been have put in motion.

A leader of the movement @destinysaid, over the past 5 months has pushed the agenda to a state where we are semi autonomous.

Others who have been of help greatly are @illuminatus @gbenga @ehiboss @ejemai @tezzmax @otemzi @setapart among others.

  • In november 2017, in partnership with @leadent360, a first time event, known as steemit in Nigeria was held, bringing steemians from all around the country together in a unification bid that was largely successful.

    *conference and after party, SIN 2017

  • In december 2017, the brains behind the africaunchained movement @destinysaid held a Christmas promo-steem event with @tojukaka in Delta state nigeria, which saw the participation and coming together of various steemians, as well as introduction of many new steemians to the steemit community.

  • In January 2018 updates on the SCI steemit campus invasion intiative were given, as well as updates on the first african blockchain record label coming up, @debrecords as part of our ''entertainment'' push towards a changed and blockchainized entertainment sector in africa.

    meetings in january in sapele

    meetings in January and the birth of a new community

  • In febuary 2018, 3rd of febuary to be exact, the first version of the steemit campus invasion program was held in Delta state, Nigeria , Africa. Hosted by @destinysaid, MC by @mediahousent, and seminar presentation by @ehiboss, @ejemai @gbenga.

campus invasion pic1

campus invasion pic 2

The @afrovoter voting account

In addition to running projects, the africaunchained account also provides avenue for those with little to no payouts to be able to earn something by posting on our main blog. The advantage of this is that votes can be sourced more easily for just the @africaunchained account and the quality of posts on the account are always top notch.

The final community service we run is to have a voting bot, run by community members, curators and moderators, which votes those who invest in it, as well as random Africans everyday, so those who earn nothing despite putting out good works can earn something.

The curators and mods are always on the look out for good post from all across the continent to curate or post on the main account.

What the future holds for us, 2018-2019 projections

By september 2018, we will be one year old on steemit. It has been an amazing time so far, and right now the momentum is really picking up.

The SCII, Steemit Campus Invasion Initiative

The steemit campus invasion program will continue to run throughout the year, getting into campuses, and making these students understand that steemit is real, cryptos are real, that;

they do not need to finish from school before they begin to change their lives and the world using blockchain tech, that they do not need to carry a CV everywhere only to be paid peanuts at the end of the month.

Through the steemit campus invasion initiative, we are getting these youths, students, kids, youngsters, college boys and girls, and all manner of people from these institutions to understand what cryptos are, because lets be honest, these people are the likely leaders of tomorrow, getting them acquitted with this tech at this stage is going to help the cause in the future.

The debrecords initiative(DEBI)

The @debrecords, (pronounced Dee E bee records) was supposed to be a partnership deal between @destinysaid, and two other non steemians as a new form of entertainment record label in africa that was supposed to connected to a blockchain, have its own coin and all that.

Things went sideways though, and ever since, the SP accumulated has been powered down, and shared between the investors.

The ownership of the account however has remained under the control of @destinysaid, who actually created the account using vessel.

The afrobeats initiative is a plan to revolutionize the entertainment industry in africa using blockchain tech. Rather than a centralized form of record label, which involves one large company owning the whole stake and dictating the life and direction artists are to go, we at debrecords hope to create a new form of record label business, where there is no central body, but rather an interconnected web of studios,live recording centers, listening centers, event halls and clubs, under the one household name, @debrecords.

Using a complex algorithm being developed, these areas will be connected together such that a recording in Miami, can be instantly mixed and mastered in Amsterdam, can be released in London and worldwide, all because all the activities going on in one system, is being recorded in another system at the same time.

Issues such as fraud, fee mismanagement, improper documentation of data can be instantly recognized from anywhere in the world.

I want a situation where by the name ''debrecords'' isn't just a building or a place, but a mindset, a feeling, something that is with you at all times.

The afrobeats initiative will see the employment of Africans from various works that are interested in entertainment, come together to work a greater good.

We will have artists,producers,managers, instrumentalists, DJs, MCs, hypemen, all bearing the debrecords name, and all being at the very top of the entertainment industry.

In 2018, 3 studios will be going live as part of this interweave connection, and each studio will be manned by a crypto entertainer.

Road to Nigeria 2019


Plans are still ongoing to know how best to assist/teach people about how blockchain tech can help reduce corruption/rigging in the next election in Nigeria. We are being cautious with this, as elections in Africa are very volatile and can turn around quickly, we are heading for a position whereby we are able to provide a technology to be used in the election, but no interfere such that we become targets.

While we are all in for the good of the continent, unfortunately enough we do not still have enough standing/backing to be fully expressive, however, we as a company and a movement, @africaunchained, are working towards that.

More details on this aspect of our roadmap will be given later.

More exempts from our introduction post

We hope to enlighten many to have a vision of how blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies can open africa as a whole to transparency, accountability, in governments and different organisations.
How we go about it

We understand africans are not all that tech savvy, so to help break the ice, we hope to bring Africans into the power of crpytocurrencies, and not just bring them in, we hope to educate them on how steemit works, on how cryptocurrencies work and on how blockchain technology works.
For the first phase of our plans, we hope to get africans from all corner of africa through a -not-so-aggressive campaign online.
Through facebook, twitter and other social medias, we hope to spread steemit and cryptos in general to the African community.

We understand that not everyone will get what we are trying to do
Our main goal is to build a set of leaders that will emerge in Africa through the use of technology, to get as much Africans using cryptos and steemit as much as possible.

All in all, I live by the word that a mentor of mine said;
Whether you believe you can do a thing or not,you are right-Henry ford

Follow us on facebook @

This is @destinysaid, for @africaunchained
parts of images and texts sourced from;

I want to thank @donkeypong for supporting this project thus far, for providing use with 250+ steempower to be able to move forward with. Its a blessing working with you sir.

I want to thank @ehiboss @gbenga @ejemai for working with us on our various projects, and giving support whenever we call.

I want to thank the mods and voters within the africaunchained ecosystem for helping out with all the various duties, we will have much more work to do soon.

Finally, I want to thank every member of the africaunchained family online and offline for their continuous support over the project.

As we kick into high gear this February/march 2018, we cant wait to showcase the full potential of the African continent.


Very insightful. Looking forward to hear you speak at the @abuja-steem seminar. Great work!

I like the fact that you gave a background breakdown of of @africaunchained. It's a good thing to know the vision and mission of this project. It help people understand how and why the system does whatever it embarks on to do.

The Road to Nigeria 2019 is also a welcome idea, this is owing to the fact that Nigeria is unarguable the largest country on the African continent. If a project like this succeededs in Africa, then the possibility of its success in other African Nations is high.

Furthermore, having a plan is integral to the success of this project and you have done well to list them on this post. It is amazing to see that people are making steps to break Africans from the chains of poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, etc.

I believe the glory of this continent is about to be unveiled in a no distant time.

Thanks for sharing. Until next time, I remain @korexe

@africaunchained have really blessed me and make me a better blogger, improve my intellectual skills because africaunchained only vote good content writing.
Kudos to you guys for the job well-done

Your post is very interesting

Africaunchained has been my family and will always be...we are here to make Steemit better and more valuable. I want to honorably appreciate you @destinysaid for a great journey so far, we will always be in support.

Wow this is really great.

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