Thinking about the future, User Issued Tokens on #steem. Trying to explain my vision...

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So I am clicking my way into for the first time, and get prompted by three options: Do you want to open a private, company or community-account? At least that is how I envision the first meeting with steemit, but we have so many clever minded people on this beautiful platform, so I am kind of interested in what all of you think about this new tool that is being developed to make steem even greater then it is already. Here is my illustration:

illustration steemit community tokens by fyrstikken.png

As a user issued token, I do believe we should at least have a reservation for namespace, so that nobody can make for example steemspeak-tokens or fyrstikken-tokens just to avoid squatting. But I also think about maybe label accounts as private, business or organisation, since I am pretty sure many businesses and organisations want to join the ever-growing steem-network as well.

I can´t wait for the first beta-round, but meanwhile - What do you think about all this token talk?


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I like the community idea for sure. It may be nice for a small town community especially a remote one to have a collective account.
Not so sure about the company one though as I fear the infiltration of big corporations onto this platform may end being a negative addition. If big corps get involved in time they may try to steer us in a direction we don't want to go.
Maybe just my tin foil hat talking though.


For company accounts, I envision that getting a lot of use from small companies & startups looking for a space to establish blogs for themselves, perhaps with their own corporate branding / logos / etc. Right now we see a lot of crypto projects in particular using Medium for their official blogs, and it's always been something of a mystery to me why they don't use Steemit (which seems like it would resonate well with their target audiences). Maybe this initiative would make Steemit look more attractive to such organizations.


Agreed and it that sense I believe it would be a brilliant addition to the platform.
Entrepreneurs could market themselves to their target demographic easily.
As long as we don't see the Big Oil, Big Pharma, Banks etc. We don't want predatory corporations ruining what is a unique platform.


Unfortunately I don't think there's any real way to keep those types of companies out, not if you want to remain true to Steemit's ideal of allowing anyone to use the platform as they see fit without fear of censorship. But large organizations like that probably won't pay any attention to Steemit until it reaches Facebook levels of popularity. So for now I don't think we've got anything to worry about, and by the time the platform is that mature there will be other concerns I'm sure.


Yes, I think there will be other concerns, besides I don't think there is anything that can be done, Big Company X buys a couple of million in Steem and boy would they have clout here, but hey, whales have that kind of power now only these companies would have more power, maybe I'd get rich upvoting their promotional articles.


Agreed, therefore I suggest vigilance to ensure that if larger corps partake they don't become powerful enough to set the narrative of how the platform evolves. Similar to how the advertisers are now driving YouTube censorship.
And yes once Steemit reaches Facebook levels I'm sure problems will ensue.
One day at a time, eh?


Yeh I'd hate for them to come in and ruin things, I think as we have so many here then any kind of activity that is not helping the Steemit community at it's core will probably get downflagged.


Wow @fyrstikken kudos! I just realized your account is worth over $1 mil. :) nice


Can't wait to get my hands on em

  • Frank TheTank

I can see myself using a business account in the future.

I don't know, sound brilliant to me. Tell us more.

Good idea.

That would be facebook user account, business account and facebook groups. Add celebrity account or verified many senses its all about migrating FB users to this platform. i donot think people will have the time and willingness to have several social network account and visit them often

Thank you for sharing this!


Its great idea...
images (3).jpg

It is very intresting in deed, im thinking that when steemit finally explodes at the social media and as important social media, plenty of organizations, and business people will be fighting for a better spot in here, im also afraid that cuz of that steemit changes to much and become like facebook, full of publicity, i hope not, and this business accounts may have some restrictions or so, about that matters, anyways, great post!

Hi @fyrstikken
These are some interesting thoughts. Looking at other platforms this seems a logical evolution. What will be the difference between a user account and community account you are mentioning?
Great post! Upvoted and resteemed.
Have a nice day and remember... GoCoconuts ;)

Interesting thought @fyrstikken. I imagine there may be separate reward pool per segment, this at least maintains some semblance of balance in user rewards (thought- a radio station for example should be listed as a business and will share the reward pool from other business)

I like this post....

I'll buy into this vision. Personally, I'd love to see the ability to make more than 1 per person. I think people can have professional careers helping to manage accounts for others as business, but it's not a very replicable business if you can only manage 1.

is this what the page will look like to newcomers after the changes?

Interesting idea.

color me baffled.
what does it all mean?

What are community tokens trying to solve ? What are they doing that steem can't do?

steemit is the best website ever made, the most important here is to post every day and to share in facebook and twitter, gring more people here and we will be stronger together !

If this happens the ground floor for steem will be $5!

I don't know about all these different tokens talk going on. Maybe I will not understand it untill I use them after they are released.
But only one thing came to my mind when I see tokens on steemit.
I want some amount of all the tokens on steemit, no wait, I want all,

Very good ... I hope soon to see it :)

Thanks @fyrstikken been following your post and like the good talkiing points you make. The idea of user sign-up options will be good as this allows the users like us to continue to blog our points of view openly with end users and in a
separate section comment to business our comments on their products and services. In @steemit we welcome the 2 new P's in marketing mix. People and Participation from grass roots. Wow how I enjoy @steem.
Upvoted and Resteemed.

I like the illustration. I think that many more people sign up, options like that will be needed

I was thinking the exact same thing. SteemIt just neds to be a bit more organized in its structure . However, I'm sure that developers are already thinking on ways to improve this platform and its just the matter of time, we will get to see really great stuff run by SteemIt ..... goodby FB ... Goodbye Pintrest & Insta ... :) ... up, fo & re cheers bud @fyrstikken

The ability to create your own token and convert it easily into Steem is the most exciting concept on this platform. This will open up endless opportunity.
This is a totally new paradigm that is decentralised the big corporations wont be as powerful. If Steem is to be as powerful as we hope it will need to work with everyone but it is everyones responsibility to keep things in check, we all have a say.

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Visionaries like you are needed. I listened to your interview with @ned and I'm excited about this new development. You bring up a valid point about reserving names especially for the big boys!

Keep on bringing it @fyrstikken!

p.s. You may want to add a link to your interview in this post.

Yeah i was thinking something similar for possible gaming like gaming steem-gold or whatever

It seems to me that User Issued Tokens (assets, UIA) are very important for the development and growtht of a steem infrastructure.

Sooner or later, applications and clients based on Steem, in colaboration with Graphene, Eos, even sidechains will become very many.
But if they are from different segments, with different content policies, with different economies - it can be a conflict with the basic paradigm of the STEEM

Self tokens can solve this problem - anyone can easily create their own application based on Steem, and their own token will not break the economy of Steem, and even strengthen it!

I'm sure the "User Issued Tokens" is the next step towards the ideals of decentralization.

What happens to accounts that are already business or community? Do they get to select that later? Or are they all the same in end, just a different sign up process?

What would be the difference? Users can only post and vote, business can sell, and community can take a cut of posts within it? And would a user be able to change to business or community if they want?

I'm excited to see what they have in store. I imagine it will probably be something along these lines.

what do you envision for "business" account? Like what would be the difference.

One of things I love about Steem is the built in community, on so many levels. Community is a huge indicator or potential acquisitions for any company. It increases it's value but for me the genius part of Steem is the built in transactions which allow it to grow as a currency. Currently, 1.8 million bitcoins are still unspent roughly 4,503,000,000 USD worth of coins have never moved. In order for a currency to become legitimately a currency it has to be spent. Most people are holding on to their Bitcoin as if it is a work of art that will increase in value, and rightly so. With Steemit you have a currency that is being traded more freely and in time will grow to be used outside of the community. That is the current advantage it has over other cryptocurrencies.

I really like all this new ideas and look forward to learn more!

Making different account for business and community will be a great thing. We have fanbase right now, but the procedure to enter into it is too hard, so your idea is good .

Very good idea, and good for the growth of steemit!

A very astute move @fyrstikken. If you're thinking that Steem will become a mainstream platform, then it's an obvious step to take.

May I also suggest customizable Steem logos and share buttons and associated API for readers of articles to "Steem"? Obviously, third parties would have to incorporate these share buttons into the content, but developing them and making them available would be first step.

its interesting to see this happen. Business Accounts means cash will flow from business to the community. which is a good thing.

Cant wait to try it!!!

Expected a bit more content but I guess it's a good start. I'm still not quite sure if I like the idea of tokens. In paper it does sound good but does it add too much complexity that is unnecessary? Steem and Steem Power are working just fine.

Steem for sure needs more organization. Communities/local cities/states/countries. A more geo targeted thing(once it gets more users).

As only being here on Steemit for only a month, there is so much to learn! :)

I am not sure what to think about the tokens, but I am sure I like the idea of communities as I think it will help Steemit expand tenfold.

On a platform where there already is confusion over the two tokens we have, do we need more? No, is my simple answer. The reason for saying so is my experience with bitshares. Where there are tokens for allsorts. And no way to figure out their value. Some ar clearly just jokes, some are downright scams and some are backed by a comodity or a service. And in most cases it is completely impossible to figure out what is what. And we don't need that. We need informed and educated users that thrive from expressing their thoughts and get our two tokens for doing so.

Thanks for this very informative for me article. I am learning this concept of tokens as it is still new to me and not sure of all the capabilities.
I love the cryptos and the metals. I spent several hours putting this mining stock investigation together. I hope you find it of value. I think silver and gold may be ready to start moving up again very soon.
This is an article I wrote breaking down some mining companies, the better of which should outperform the metals themselves by a wide margin.

thank you very much for your upvote, i dont understand english very well but i want to practice

The more organic it stays the better it will remain.

To be honest, this is the first I've heard of it... I'm probably considered as having a Community Account... I don't have Business nor am I a user...

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This is a fantastic idea, @fyrstikken! I had a similar one when I first began on this fantastic social media platform not that long ago, and I was actually really surprised to see that it wasn't already a feature. Most other social media sites already recognize and are ready to accept business accounts, so I see absolutely no reason why Steemit shouldn't be doing the same.

Best Regards,

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Hello fyrstikken thanks for the post and also thank you for your support on my blog. Upvoted. 👍

Capture d’écran 2017-06-09 à 10.14.21.png
Could i know why you downvote my post?

great vision my friend

I think what you are broaching is a natural progression for this site. There won't always be less than 200k worldwide on the site. We have to prepare for 3 more zero's added onto the end. With that will come a lot of people just looking to take advantage. It's just reality. To you last point, I don't think a lot of new users understand that there is so much more functionality and development that is in the pipeline. It's still very clunky in relative terms in UX and UI. The best is yet to come.

upvote :)

What would be the difference between the account types? Or is your main goal to make the purpose of the account visible to other users?

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great post, and a very good point, @fyrstikken! The sign-up process of Steemit has always been lacking. Just compare it to e g Facebook -- you just did --, and have Steemit stop alienating newcomers away by a clumsy, time-consuming, and sometimes dysfunctional Registration process. (Some accounts, even after proper e-mail confirmation, are not "approved" for weeks on end, resluting in the loss of a large percentage of new users willing to come to Steemit.) They might lose interest as a result and never come back...

No platform can afford that!

Frankly speaking I don't understand what is that exactly, but just feeling, sounds convenient. Thanks @fyrstikken, I will read lots of stuff. :D