Exploring Steem Communities: Here's a Video of What's Possible, in case you Missed the Steemwave Radio Live Stream

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Every weekend, I spend two hours on Saturday hanging out live, chatting with people from around the Steem ecosystem talking about technology, community, answering questions and facilitating discussion. This last week, it was all about Communities!

      There's a lot of laughing, a lot of swearing (I mean, my mouth... yikes) and a lot of really useful dialogue about whatever might be happening around the blockchain. Sometimes the shows trend to more technical, and sometimes it's a big gathering a friends chatting live about the thing they love and listening to some cool music. The show is widely shaped by you and what you think is important week to week.

By ultra popular demand, scroll down for a video of a recording of last week's show. You will see me break down a lot of the features and UI of upcoming Steem Communities, as well as show how easy it will be to make one of your own.

     You'll see the show is very conversational — everything is recorded on the fly and streamed live in real time while responding to the large group of live viewers who join in the discussion every week. I've cut out the licensed music, and some of the chitty chat we have each week that was very off topic to Communities. Here are some key points this video covers (among other things) if you want to scrub through and cherry pick information or your just curious what we talked about and explored on the Steemit UI:

✨Friend Feeds
✨Community Feeds
✨Muting and Moderation
✨Gamification and Visible stats changes
✨Community Creation

Check out the Steemwave Radio Communities Episode video below:

Steemwave Radio is made possible by you!

      If you ever have some spare time and you want to meet a bunch of cool, dedicated Steemians, join in the dialogue, have a question you want to ask or a topic you want to get people chatting about, or maybe just want to hear a synthwave track or two, come hang out with me on MSPWaves for the live stream. It's a lot of fun and the dozens of participants each week make it a cool place to spend some time. You can learn more at MSPwaves.com or pop into the PALnet discord on Saturdays.

Are you a Steemwave attendee? Tell me more about how I can do better/be more interesting/more of what you want to see and hear. Thanks for riding the waves with me~

Hi, I'm Crimmi. I run a top 20 STEEM witness with @followbtcnews. Please reach out on Steem.Chat or Discord any time! If we haven't earned your vote, please consider SteemTipper, our community work, and STEEM.Chatvote for followbtcnews if you feel we're doing a good job.


I wish all product demos were as entertaining as this one!

Communities are indeed a practical way to customize Steem. Another part that looks promising is the collective authority and localized social consensus. For example, the same wiki-objects on Waivio can appear different for members of different communities. For example, here in BC we refer to Coho salmon as Silver, while in Russia it is called Kizhutch. So, multiple communities can refer to the same thing with different names, yet knowledge can be aggregated from multiple communities. There are many other opportunities beyond that as well. Thanks for the insight!

cheers! the shows tend to get more entertaining by dint of the addition of alcohol~ but yes, you've got the real gist of it. Whether or not you're using the actual interface through one of the standard sites or not, the building blocks and features that hive makes possible that come together to create communities can also be leveraged into a number of other social applications. This is a big thing in terms of building a better experience for end users no matter how they may end up interacting with the chain!

I checked and @pussyfart is available as an account. :) Suprised that dporn didn't pick that up.

LMAO! I wondered who would be the first to check. You're a scholar and a gentleman~

Loved your show im going to create a community ,all about hip hop and rapp. As im associated with the promoter and we are releasing a book on it. Www.the geneandersonstory.com and would love to share about hip hop like you did with heavy metal community.

When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol

So glad you posted this! Lots of great information about something we all are really curious about and looking forward to. I appreciate you doing it!

you are awesome. I fully acknowledge that much of this may actually be irrelevant very quickly, BUT the conversation around what's possible and why certain decisions may have been made was a really, really good one. I love the laughing and the drinking and the clapping and the explaining but in general, it's the participants who help guide me towards the stuff we should be talking about~ it's like people who gather in communities work, or something

Great work! we need to have more people doing these radio shows! Like Joe Rogan said, we all can do them and then we have more variety, and even if no one listens, we should teach steemians how to make short 2 min to 5 min podcasts like the everythingeos guys do, and recap helpful news about the steem blockchain. Maybe we can get delegation to do it.

Thanks! I love talking steem and tech and community with people, its my happy place. You make a really good point about creating more useful, purpose driven 2-5 min clips, though. These shows are super fun live, when everyone is in the same chat and it is happening organically, but this long format is really difficult to take in after the fact.

I'll think more about doing short free use, rewards declined video clips~ cheers!

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Same way here!

Thanks for this.

Are you a Steemwave attendee? Tell me more about how I can do better/be more interesting/more of what you want to see and hear.

Can you talk more slowly and make it more breathy?

I started this video on double speed cause it is 1 hour 20. That didn't work :) Love you Crimmy!

I fully, fully recognize that exactly zero people want to listen to me for an hour. When I get a chance I will edit in time stamps to try to make this less excruciating for people trying to learn. The problem with creating these shows live and on the fly is that they really aren't very good for later consumption. Sorry!

I mean, I pretty much said the same thing to Gandalf... as if I weren't fast, confusing and annoying enough, LOL!

I indeed don't want to listen to you for an hour - I want to listen to you for two! ;-)

Lol smoothycat, more like~


The hour that I cut out was all synthwave music and a LOT of audience chatter about swoop's butt, so the one hour is probably for the best. 😂

run it at 1/2 speed :P

We used to do Crimrotica when we went into overtime, where I would read absolutely horrifically unsexy things (think, Vogon poetry or Data's Ode to Spot) in a sexy voice. Much like anything, it pretty much immediately went too far and we are why we can't have nice things. On the plus side, Communities are nice things!

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while its small ill use a community moderation system, and just ban anyone posting "illegal porn" lol i dont wanna be in charge of a porn site tho so maybe ill make it nudes and erotica, and steer away from hardcore stuff, io wanna just have a fun NSFW reddit style thing

but yeah you brought up erotica lol

I cant stop people from viewing the site underage just from posting, right? Until we have a way to do, like, private anonymous erotica and nudes site for peopel in countries where maybe lgbt stuff is illegal oh im sure some government organization would fund us for the human rights of allowing people around teh world to have access to sexual expression tools online lol we can TOO have nice things this is a freedom of speech and human psychology matter

yeaaah maaaan grooovey dduuude we can get like funding from the council of Furries and they can make sure we have the right to express our furry manga and get paid for it. lol

seriously manga coin and anime coin those two, i see big tyhings hapening for @mangacoin

the ability to make comic books and manga seems easy enough and steem can share it in a post and front ends can be taylored for comic books with built in pdf viewer LOL telos is doing that with DSTORS so yeha we could do all sorts of cool stuff fcross chain soon with communities

Anyway i only wrote this loing comment because i didnt see many comments heer, steem needs help ghetting users!

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Hello there!

This is my first reply on this site and I must say I'm still a bit confused on how everything works. I watched your video on YouTube and am excited about some of the changes that you described that look like their coming down the pipe. Communities sound like a good start to helping folks make their way around the site.

I gave you an upvote for this post, but I'm not sure how upvoting and downvoting really works on the site. Does it cost Steem for me to give out upvotes? I still have 25 Steem from when I initially signed up.

Oh I also subscribed to you on YouTube, in the hopes that you'll have more Steem community related videos.

Thanks for your contribution.

I would love to chat with you about this, and I'm really excited to know that you found the video helpful. I will think more about what sorts of short, easy to consume content would be useful- so if you have ideas, I'm all ears! I talk every week live (and you're welcome to join if it suits you) but I recognize short, 5 min snippet videos that are lots of fun and very clearly explained would be great versus these 1 or 2 hour behemoths. Maybe you and some others can help direct me towards the most important stuff.

As for your question... it won't cost you Steem or Steem power to make up and downvotes, so don't worry about that. A very, very simplified version of the system is that you can make up and downvotes each day, but their impact (ie, how much rewards they allocate) will depend on how much Steem power you have and how many votes in total you have made, as well as a few other larger ecosystem factors. If you make lots and lots, they get weaker and will take some time to replenish! This is a very incomplete explanation, and there's a lot of nuance that can trip you up early on, but I don't want to overwhelm you. It seems so insane when you start but it quickly just becomes something you will innately understand and not think much about, I promise.

The gist of what you're doing now is a great start -find stuff you like, make a comment on it, and upvote it if you think it deserves some rewards! Based on how you learn and how headlong you want to dive in, I can recommend many different resources for you. Something that exists right now already might be a great start. There are lots of them out there, so don't feel like you have to check them all out at once:

First off, I'm a resource available to you, so feel free to chat with me here, on discord, or on steem.chat. If any of those are up your alley, I am probably lurking in them 😂

If you find videos to be the most help to you, you can check out Steem Onboarding or Steem Savvy for some great ones.

If you prefer chatting back and forth live, Discord is one of the big go tos. PALnet, the Steem Terminal, and many many others exist with all sorts of purposes and niches and I'd be happy to help you find a few that fit.

Overall, welcome to the chain! It can be big and crazy, but once you get the hang of it you'll wonder why you weren't here in the first place. I'm stoked you reached out, because it's nice to see Steem though fresh eyes again~


Most of the reading I've come across basically reveals that the developers are doing their best to create an organic atmosphere through different algorithmic solutions. So with that and the further advice you laid out before me, I think I'll just use the site naturally for now then maybe later I'll give some more consideration to the minutia of my browsing behavior once I become more established.

While I think short videos can be good, I like to be able to sit down and sink my teeth into some subjects every once in awhile. I'm excited for some of those beta features you showed off on your livestream. I'm going to look into Steem chat and perhaps I'll see if I see you on there.

Thank you.

Totally! The coolest thing about Steem is truly that "blogging" isn't the be all end all. We're starting to see all sorts of solutions, games, and (d)apps cropping up. This is one facet of it all that will absolutely help bolster an organic atmosphere, but the interface that I demoed here will make the biggest impact on written content and social blogging. Once it's live, I am fairly certain we'll see a lot of these features pulled into other services in ways we may not expect to build a better user experience~ when you start considering that chain data can be pulled by anyone to create anything, it starts getting realllly interesting. Drop me a line if you need anything!

I was hoping to find some information on the upcoming communities, so I wicked appreciate you putting this together, @crimsonclad! I'm planning to give this a listen tomorrow, but figured I'd shout out now and say...

crimsonclad, thank you.gif

I will endeavour to get time stamps edited in in the morning so that you will hopefully be able to navigate this giant chunk of video more easily! Also, this one legged pickle really made me smile, lol~

As I said in my YouTube comment, I don't think you need timestamps on it - the whole thing is informative, and kinda builds on itself so skipping chunks wouldn't make sense (kind of like that sentence...lol). Glad I was able to return the favor, since I smiled a bunch of times listening to the show! 😊

Thanks for this, sharing this with the TeamMalaysia group! :)

Some of them will have seen it/chatted with me about it already, but make sure to drop any feedback you guys have! Big hugs to the team~

Yeaps, I guess that's how the 'team malaysia' community is on the test site? Hahaha, anyways love what you do and we'll definitely let you know if anything :)

It totally is: check it out!

None of this is my doing, it's all @roadscape and other great community testers. I'm just the big mouth who attached herself out of sheer excitement ;) cheers!

Thank you @roadscape!

Hahha, I'm just as excited as you are :)

Holy Cow! A bonafide Crimmi sighting. In writing.

I am officially a lurker, harboring a comeback. I've missed your show for a month because of an ongoing project. Who knew regular people do shit on Saturday because they work otherwise?

I've got it on now, and really do appreciate you and your show. You have got to be the best 'explainer' in the whole system.

Thank you, them's big words that I will try to live up to. I'm glad you're staying occupied and finding things that you love to do! I recognize my show is at a really awkward time that most people reserve for "getting shit done" or "spending time on themselves" and I have no desire to get in the way of that. If someone manages to wander in, then my hope is always they have enough fun/learn enough that they feel the time is well spent. Then I'm happy 🖤

Rad thanks for the valuable info on the communities. I realize this post is over 2 months old but it still valuable info. Honestly unlike other social platforms that's what I've hated about Steemit is it seems like people only interact with posts in the inside 1 week frame of rewards.

Where's your Heavy Metal community? I couldn't find it. I wanna shout at the devil \m/

the big problem is I built a role for myself on the chain where I went from prolific creator to now where I post almost not at all, Duane, my man- BUT!
I'm finishing work on my studio in my new house so I can get back to creating video content, editing photos, and can really start growing the metal and the steem/synth streams which I do live now. I would really like to see the heavy metal aspect here grow and will be working on that in the coming months.

You're absolutely right about the engagement, and it can be tricky when you think of it paired with rewards. In general, people don't scroll super far back in feeds either, but there's an added layer of trickiness when "old" content becomes fresh again- should it be reposted, re rewarded? Age old questions that we as a community don't always have great answers to.

I tend to think of communities as part of this answer, as you start building a place for niche content that will be easier to scroll through than say, one huge ass mixed bag firehose feed. THanks for leaving this comment. Come hang with us for FullForce any time

Communities are exceeding my hopes! Thanks for making this video and thanks so much @roadscape and everyone else who made this possible!

I feel very much the same way! What do you think you'd like to use them for, or what's a community you'd like to make/join?

I've been waiting for a long time to create a grow a community for @thevenusproject.

Great! When wider release is ready to go I will make sure to touch base with you :)

Great! Thank you.

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