Communities of the Month Support Program - October Winners

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit an application for the Communities of the Month Support Program.

We received 52 applications in total this month.

From the information in the applications and from our observations over the past month, the communities to be supported have been selected.

For October we have again increased the number of communities to be supported. As well as seven Communities of the Month, we have added another five communities to receive support from the @booming accounts to bring the total to 37.

For those communities selected this month we strongly advise you to make the most of the extra votes to build up your voting strength so that you can in future become more self-reliant.

For those not selected keep following the Community Guidelines and keep building your communities to increase your chance of being chosen in future months.

Our final advice to all communities is to have a clear focus and do your best to keep the posts in your community aligned with that focus.

The Communities of the Month for October 2021

For October the Communities which will receive the support package from @steemcurator01 are...

And also returning again…

Alongside these five communities we have again chosen a pair of communities who cover similar areas. They have recently announced a collaborative partnership - a very positive move which helped them be selected among the Communities of the Month for October...

Support from @steemcurator01 will begin from October 1st so make sure you have plenty of good quality, #steemexclusive posts, make sure you are commenting on all posts and make sure you continue to follow all the Community Guidelines.

If we find any of these communities are breaching the guidelines, we may reduce or withdraw the support from @steemcurator01 before the end of the month.

Booming Support Communities

In addition to the seven Communities of the Month, a further 37 communities will be receiving support from the @booming accounts.

The @booming support will be available at two levels. Tier 1 communities will receive 5 votes per day from the @booming accounts, and Tier 2 communities will receive 3 votes per day.

The Tier 1 communities for October are…

  • Comunidad Latina
  • Crypto.Kids
  • Draft Crearte
  • Italy
  • Scouts
  • Steem Alive
  • Steem Bangladesh
  • Steem Baseball
  • Steem Cameroon
  • Steem Entrepreneurs
  • Steem for Better Life
  • SteemFoods
  • SteemKids
  • Steem SEA
  • Steem Sports
  • Steem Sri Lanka
  • Steem Venezuela
  • Steem Women Club
  • Steemit Iron Chef
  • Steemit-Türkiye
  • Visual Art
  • Writing & Reviews

The Tier 2 communities for October are…

  • Best of India
  • Business Activity
  • CampusConnect
  • Recreative Steem
  • Stars of Steem
  • Steem Family
  • Steem Ghana
  • Steem Japan
  • Steem-Travelers
  • Steeming Community
  • Steemit Azerbaijan
  • Steemit Nursery
  • Venezolanos Steem
  • World of Football
  • World of Xpilar

Again, if we find any of these communities are breaching the guidelines we may reduce or withdraw the support from the @booming accounts before the end of the month.

Please would a representative from any communities newly selected for @booming support leave their Telegram / Discord contact details in a comment below.

We hope the Community Support Program will continue to help communities build towards self-reliance.

The goal for all communities should always be to build up their voting strength so that they can operate successfully and attract new members without relying on continual support from Steemit accounts.

We look forward to seeing communities move in that direction.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


Спасибо большое за поддержку @steem-BRU

Congratulations to the "Steem Entrepreneurs" and all the selected communities in October 2021..

My discord name:

Thanks for @steemitblog and team

Hi @steemitblog, thank you for organizing such Support Program, it is very motivating for many users and motivating them to be active.

Congratulation to all the communities who were able to get into the Support Program, wishing you enjoy the month and indeed show the best of you!

As part of WOX team, we really appreciate for the opportunity to be in the Support program.

Telegram: @stef1

Congratulations to all the communities that have received support in October 2021.
Thank you to @steemitblog for choosing Steem For Better Life for tier 1 @booming support

Regards @heriadi
Discord: heriadi#1116

Mantap, akhirnya terpilih lagi ya komunitas ini. Gak sia-sia banyak menulis di komunitas ini.

More support

Thank you very much for selecting our community to get booming support, we highly appreciate your support all the way long. Congratulation to Steem SEA, Steem For Better Life, and promosteem

Best Regards


Congratulations to all the communities that have received support in October 2021.

Thank you to @steemitblog for selected Steem Entrepreneurs Community for tier 1 @booming support.

Best regards @steempreneurship

Discord : Harferri#1455

It is an honor to be selected in Top 7 communities.

On behalf of my community and Team, I am very thankful to steemit team for recognizing our efforts. We will continue to do good work.

Kind Regards
Steem Infinity Zone

Very congrats to all of siz member's and specially community admin to put a lots of efforts this community soon hit top 1

Congratulations sir.we are achieve our goal.we are deserve it. Sir @cryptokraze is a great leader who guide his team according to proper guidance .he is very Innovative person. He is doing task according to objectives that he set to achieve his goal.I'm very proud to be a part of your great team.

Very very congratulations @siz-official, and @cryptokraze you have done very brilliant, It's great achievement again. You are real leader. You inspire many of us, and also leaner too much from your community...
Its time to celebrate 🥳☺

More power to you sir, its a very great achievement !!!
Heartfelt congratulations to you sir @cryptokraze .we're so pleased to see you accomplishing great achievements.
Great siz-team 🥳🥳

Many many congratulations sir. Our goal is archived. Now we are in top list. @cryptokraze you do hard working for siz community so that the community grow. I am very happy to see this great support from sc01. Allah bless you

very very congratulation sir@cryptokraze for this achievement and we are greatfull to steemit team you have done very brilliant and sir@cryptokraze is a great leader who guide his team proper guidance.I am very happy to see this great support from sc01.Allah bless you😊

Many congratulations sir . It's really the fruit of your hardwork. You are doing great for community. Your leadership,motivation and cooperation, support hundreds of the person in community and kindness never goes unrewarded. Stay blessed sir @cryptokraze. Stay growing @SIZ.

Congratulations sir,,
Steem infinity zone is growing up day by day and a many members learn about different skills and knowledge in our community because everyone is know about the steem infinity zone is the best way to share our knowledge and learn about more knowledge. And the Mr @cryptokraze the leader of our community is doing a great work on this wonderful platform. And now he achieve a his goal so, i want to congratulations to Mr cryptokraze for achieve his goal.

CONGRATULATION Its great ACHIEVEMENT for all of us.This is all because of the hard work and passionate toward Steemit and wee have achieved it.
congrats to @cryptokraze @siz

Very very congratulations to you @cryptokraze . it's great achievement for siz good luck for next. Thankful to be part of this wonderful community

Congratulations to my best community siz on being selected as in the top 7 communities and all these things happens due to hard work of our admin and siz team. Congratulations once again.

Wao congratulations sir @cryptokraze and siz community on selecting in the top communities. Get more success.

Congratulations sir for this achievement and we are greatfull to the steemit team for the recognition. In Sha Allah we will make more efforts to make our community more bigger. All thanks to sir @cryptokraze for your guidline and support😊

Congratulations sir @cryptokraze and to all the siz staff members. This is all your hardwork that get rewarded in the form of selection of our community .

Congratulations to our amazing community siz on selected in the top 7 communities and on getting Sc01 support. We will make our community best that it will be selected in the top every month. May you get more success. Ameen.

Congratulations sir for this wonderful achievement, these all become possible with your best efforts towards our community....because The fruit of your own hard work is always the sweetest.
Thanks for your support and guidance sir @cryptokraze

Many many congrats, its big achievement for us and all credits goes to @crytokraze for doing great efforts to rise this community, in future we will grow more together

Congratulations. Its all due to your hard work. And its credit also goes to other team members. @cryptokraze. Its all your efforts that you put for this community and for community members. So I wish you bundle of congrats. Insha Allah we will maintain this progress. And we will give our best

Many many congratulations sir @cryptokraze and all siz family on this Great achievement
It all of your great and hard effort that we have listed in top now in short time
Your work is really appreciated
You are really great personality you are real leadr
I am proud to work under your team and this community

Congratulations @cryptokraze you have achieved your goal and you really deserve this. May you get more success and I am proud to be a part of your community.

Congratulations sir for this achievement and we are greatfull to the steemit team for the recognition
We will more effort for your progress sir g Inshallah thanks @CryptoKraze

Congratulations to @cryptokraze you have done great work. I am very happy on achievement of your goal.

Congratulations dear respected sir on this Great achievement its all due to your hard work that our community get this rank
Many congratulations from me to all members and siz staff
Hope this community will grow more day by day

Very Very Congratulations for achieving this goal in a short time. This is all done by @cryptokraze and hard working team. Inshallah our community is bigger than bigger.

CONGRATULATIONS SIR @cryptokraze , on this great achievement .Your effort bore fruits. We feel proud to be apart of your community.
Always best wishes for you.

Thank you very much @steemcurator01 for this opportunity, we will continue to work very hard to ensure that everything continues to flow in the best way, and enforce the guidelines.

From the entire Colombia-Original team, thank you very much.

Felicidades @colombiaoriginal, se lo merecen.

Can you guys put out a road map at some point of your plans for and STEEM going forward from here? There hasn't been much development lately and am curious where we plan to go from here. Thanks!

Thank you very much for selecting Steem-Travelers community! We are very grateful!

My discord:

Congrats 👏👏 nice community

Thank you! Consider joining us - we would be very happy to have you as the member :)

Hello! I did not know about this community, but I will follow it!)

We re-opened it three days ago, so not many people heard about it until now but we are dreaming big and hoping it will grow fast :)

Thank you. It will be wonderful to have you as a member!

Thank you! Your community is very young! Good luck!

already subscribed, I will be happy to see this community growing rapidly... good luck

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