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The concept of ideal communication is "mutual" sharing and receiving information and ideas are exchanged. The presence of take and give, the feedback (a kind of feedback). And interact first.

Communal courtesy is one of the keys to one's success in establishing relationships with other human beings. This is especially true if done in Indonesia, as a country that still upholds the attitude and friendliness and manners of association. Courteous speaking is also one of the things that is used as an indicator to judge a person's personality. Although there has never been any mention of quantitatively, the facts show that there is a correlation between the person's talking politeness and the personality he or she possesses.

The higher the level of courtesy of communicating someone, usually followed by the better personality and personality. So often this often becomes a person's initial judgment on someone else.
In Indonesia who is known to have a society of noble character and subtle in the language, speaking manners become an obligation. In particular, if we talk to an older person or have a higher degree, we should be able to keep a good word.

In public speaking or in public speaking, we often see government officials doing English repetitions and then repeating in Indonesian, I think it's very inefficient and even mubajir.

In the science of communication, speech is used to influence others and self-defense related to the interests of momentary and practical. Therefore a form of communication to be conveyed effectively and efficiently will be more emphasized on the ability of spoken language.

Knowledge of the characteristics of a good speaker is very valuable for those who have been classified as poor speakers and for speakers in learning. For the first group, such knowledge can be used as a basis for maintaining, perfecting or developing the speaking or speech skills it already possesses. For the second group is the prospective leader. It is very well understood and applied so that it can eliminate bad habits that may have been done unconsciously.

How many people are handsome, brave, handsome, rich, rich, powerful, and living in luxury. And look arrogant, arrogant and arrogant. However, it often fails in communicating (polite). Because, it can not be bought and bribed. Because, communicate is a skill (skill). Only acquired by practice, insight and science.

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