Commun project is closing it's operations after several years of work

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Greetings Steemit! Thanks for staying with me and today I have an important update about state of another large crypto-blockchain project called


The sad news that it will close it's official "doors" soon. Here's the post about the project from it's leader:

So I will tell my opinion on what's happening in a separate post - right here.

This is pretty sad that another project is closed and this seems like a pattern that Golos team has been following for a while (abandoned projects: "golos classic (steemit based)", "golos eos" (eos based), and now - Commun.

I am not saying that it is wrong strategy to test markets and to decide that there is no real market for the product. This is a position that is pretty often announced as "corporatocratic" and hence it's widely used.

Startups are created, developed, invested in, tested out, and then sometimes they die. This is a project's life process.

However, I personally feel that you're doing two things wrong.

  1. First thing, is you say, that Commun hadn't find it's place in the world and market. I disagree with that and a lot of Commun users will also state the same.

  2. Second thing, is you're doing Opensource projects wrong.

Opensource projects are created in another way. They created as open projects FROM THE VERY beginning, starting with doing code and in the same time with doing a documentation and trying to ask everybody to run a masternode, a delegate node, a GUI node, etc. etc. So, - you don't have the 10,000$, 50,000$, or whatever any other amount of spending.

Successful opensource project are working in a way to develop ECOSYSTEM that attracts people of all sorts in all of the "steps" of the ladder, and this ecosystem is created so, even if leaders and former developers quit their jobs, the community continues to live (there is one good example that was picked up by community because the source was open and because of obvious support from steemit community, is the "old golos (golos classic)". This project shows that if done most of the things correctly from the beginning to the end, community will pick up the project and it will continue to live on forever.

So, summing up. It is possible to develop the project in such a way, that you don't need any money to support it. Even better, it's possible to create opensource project (which even does not include crypto or any money at all) that earns you money (look at: RHEL; Samsung, Linux kernel; Nginx; Apache; DC/OS; etc. etc. dozen of examples).

So I would say that it's not too late to switch the stuff on the correct side and let the community take over the project and develop it on their own sake.

Anyways, thanks for being here and trying to develop something at least in any ways.


P.S. Semi-related video (in Russian):