Why The Common Thief Could Never Steal Your Bitcoin

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I want to share on a brief moment the hype and belief why as an investor in Cryptocurrencies, the common thief will never prevail in a digital society to steal your crypto wealth. Just the other day I got a very odd email via my website explaining! Warning you need to connect all your e-wallets to this link to verify . Verify what? I had to chuckle a little.... as everyday I get hundreds of spam and scam emails sending these well open phising links. This particular and peculiar email seemed so out of place, I had to share and warn people. Even though your e-wallets can be stolen from experienced cyber hackers, you could always spot phising emails or websites a mile off. Now the most scariest I have seen as of date? Black hats, now have the potential to hack Dapps. The moral of the story is know your exchanges, and your online ewallets. You can send a friendly email with a screenshot to support and ask if the message was sent from them! Its easy as 1,2,3. To stop trackers, and spyware from following your digital print or as I say in technical words your metadata a well connected VPN sends them off track. For my Cryptos a paper wallet and cold storage is the most safest way to keep your wealth from prying eyes a FSP, FLT,or FT (Foreign Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet) meaning off the Grid or a UMTB (undisclosed mobile tracking backed) I have one Smartphone I keep off the grid and use in two areas which I will not explain but all transactions run smoothly. Also with your e-wallet apps make sure you research the company and read up on its business tool, security, and weaknesses. Do you have to be smart to be aware? Of course you do but common sense awareness is all that matters. To get a more safer indebted response to find how you can keep your digital wealth from being stolen, click on the link below.


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