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Announcing the Delegation Committee

in committee •  3 months ago 

Its a catch 22! under your scenarios @aggroed can't help but do something wrong!

Nope, just step aside in specific case if a direct conflict exists. Not catch 22 at all. Easy.

all the existing governments on earth, yeah great idea

I said nearly every decision making body. That's more than governments, it is also company boards, clubs, charities, etc.

Really this concept is basic and I don't know why you are getting yourself so worked up or confused over it.

I do know that your comments aren't adding value so I'm going to go ahead and make a little downvote to offset your undeserved self-upvote.

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Watch what I’m going to do to your rep. You flagged the wrong whale, bitch.

Addressing conflict of interest (that not even aggroed himself can deny) is not about “jealousy”, it’s about making intelligent observations.

There very much is conflict of interest that will need to be dealt with, the committee seems to be aware of this and we will see how they handle it.

Trying to make it about something personal or “jealousy” is just moronic.