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Most businesses today might not say it or might just choose to overlook it but truth be said, if a business is running on the going concern concept believe you me the greatest asset to such a business is customer loyalty! I say customer loyalty because this could mean more sales for a business in the long term.

What is Customer Loyalty? this can be defined as the preference of one product, service or business over other alternatives in several instances as a result of good service or availability of loyalty programs.

HOW CAN Customer Loyalty BE MEASURED
Different Businesses have various ways of measuring loyalty, but the most basic way is to look at the frequency a customer has done business with you in a lifetime through your sales records or any sales database you hold.

With the Worldwide loyalty market estimated to be worth over 300 Billion dollars, MOZOCOIN a fintech company is offering a blockchain based solution for retailers to increase and control customer traffic coming to their stores! The days of retailers asking where are their customers are behind us thanks to MOZO COINs innovation.

How will MOZOCOIN achieve its Solution?
The MOZOCOIN project will achieve this by allowing stores, retailers and everyone utilizing the mozo ecosystem to reward Mozo Tokens to their customers for either visiting a store, discovering a store item or simply for purchasing an item resulting in a relationship of customer loyalty and increased foot traffic to participating partners. With this loyalty program destined for success, customers will be able to accumulate Mozo Tokens and redeem them for special deals, coupons, discounts, or other available promotions.

One of the reasons we all have to love the MoZo project is its not limited to retail owners but open to all who need the foot traffic, be it big retailers, malls, stadiums the list goes on even as a whole country the mozo ecosystem is open to help increase sales, brand or product awareness like tourism, the possibilities are endless.
The mozo tokens can be used as rewards and then redeemed at any participating partner store
One of the other advantages about Mozo is that unlike most other blockchain projects which are mostly paper projects(ideas), MOZO has a working product which has been tried and tested and is ready to be used. For tests visit

With all this being said you might be interested to get your hands on some mozo tokens but as they say, the early bird catches the worm and these tokens have the possibility of increasing in value has supply is limited! To buy these tokens visit

To learn more or stay up to date with the Mozo project visit or alternatively read the WhitePaper to learn about the project, for other resources about mozo visit the links below.

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