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I write this because I'm a supporter of the blockchain. I'm always interested in the innovators that arrive to display their offering. As always, I'm interested in the little things. The value of things that can increase must first be nurtured into a flower. I'm not a financial advisory and don't work for X Pundi. This document is only inspiration that comes to my mind. Whereas, within the nuance of the blockchain. It's not my intent to be set to the pyer too early. And, I wouldn't want to see anyone with something great fail to realize the full potential. This passage isn't an advisory and all are once again reminded to act at their own recognizance.

My initial thoughts of X Pundi were relative to it's origin. Whereas, origin in consideration to citizenship places potential of international trade that may consider foreign tokens as a no-no. However, there is the ability to purchase the token on Binance. The origin of the NPX token arrives with innovator hailing from Indonesia. I don't see any flaw in being a holder of the token provided diplomatic securities are at a level of neutral or alliance. In this case, it appears that the United States of America wouldn't frown upon purchase of the token. ((https://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/2748.htm)) Full disclosure, I have not purchased the token. My reason being is because I see it as a potential for future greatness with a few potential tragic flaws.

What is great about X Pundi?

The offering of real time blockchain peer to peer networking trading tokens for items is an improvement that can increase volume in overall trade. That's a wonderful thing in essence. However, it's a configuration that must take careful consideration into localization where offerings are made. Currency value changes like a blockchain tokens value. There's a potential that Pundi X can lose at current exposed in talks by the corporation owner. That's the not so great part that I will explain in a moment. I believe there may be a potential solution to this problem with all the capital that's been raised by the corporate entity. NPXS coin is a nuance arriving onto the Binance market. If you're familiar with my story. I started with blockchain in January of 2018 before the crash of the Bitcoin. I've come to discover the zero to hero rich story. And, am hopeful to best understand it by taking gains over the long run. My thought after all the structure absorption from the white paper tells me that this coin may be something I would like to purchase at 0.00000004 BTC value. Because, in my opinion, before the coin establishes a "can't lose" configuration where denominations no longer effect trade. It may be a risky investment at current despite the greatness of the offering. What is it simply? You walk into a place, and buy things with crypto. You exchange using a card. The card locks in at an agreed upon price by the purchaser. The volatility of coins while on line may change. Pundi X is subject to take a loss. How can this find resolution?

Once again. I'm an independent unemployed consultant. But, I'm not consulting anyone all together. I'm alluding to what I feel a solution for the problem of loss in this consideration may become.

How can Pundi X potentially reduce risks of losses?

The significance in desire to achieve can bring our will to raise enough by energy to manifest such cards. With the card birthed into existence. I'd like to chime in at this time to offer a thought.

We have a cup of coffee. This is what we want to purchase. We make it ourselves at the gas station that accepts Pundi X or blockchain transfer for products like coffee. Great! We can pay for our coffee! HOLD ON! The newspaper stand is reflecting a headline that's alarming. We have to stop and read it. Don't let your coffee get cold. This is the blockchain part that considers price change. If we consider the price change between five minutes as potentially volatile. When relating with others that were going in on blockchain around January of 2018. Understand, anything can happen. This cup of coffee is liable to cost me a lot isn't it? If from the time we step away from that newspaper, should the processing fail across the exchanges over the blockchain, it may mean we're short. At that point, you've already taken a sip of the coffee. In order to prevent this moment... What can be done? Hypothetically; If Pundi X was to develop a configuration that provided the ability to transfer into a reserve or escrow it's securitization is found. We start with the capital raised and create an escrow account. The account preserves 2,000,000 in localized currency of USD. Consider that currency is liable to change. But, is likely somewhat more stable than blockchain in peace times. Therefore, these localized escrow accounts may offer the ability to access immediate changes with greater efficiency to result in less potential for loss of capital gains. Whereby, exchange in a way that offers peer to peer blockchain transactions to become near immediate liquidations into localized cash value is our goal. Hypothetically; A waiter makes tip money and finishes a shift. The corporation uses Pundi X. All transactions for the day have been made via blockchain purchases. Therefore, the liquidation of the cash value is necessity for the daily employee. To liquidate the cash may become a problem unless there's some form of reserve. Localized commercial operations must have already come to the credit bridge a long time ago. Where, the waiter in this hypothetical is paid by credit card holders. Very similar in credit card appearance. But, very different from Pundi X full realization. The restaurant must pay the employee cash. Therefore, they have a reserve. If Pundi X was to escrow 2,000,000 USD to offer ability to provide a card with "cash purchase" ability. The transactions over the blockchain delay consideration can include fees, fully disclose payment arrangement, and offer the escrow as a revolving balance consideration for exchanges to be made. Whereas, should anything happen Pundi X doesn't have a fully shielded security opportunity. This only acts as a great concept when considering marginal change of currency or blockchain is reduced in volatility by accessing local currencies reserved in bank holdings. Therefore, should the blockchain between fail to complete the transaction collections are in question. Multiples of hypothetical where incumbent losses happen are real life. But, considering how additional escrow that's backed by a hypothetical NPXS-CASH token might begin to assist Pundi X in realizing securitization that's debatably less volatile in change as currency. Now from the NPXS a NPXS-CASH to offer the processing of Pundi X an ability for card holders to previously reserve NPXS-CASH that's made available to prevent the newspaper time from varying the price of our coffee. In essence, if the transactions don't consider a NPXS-CASH backed by localized banks with consideration of anagram evolutions including but not limited to; NPXS-USD, NPXS-CHF, NPXS-POUND, NPXS-EURO, etc. Than, there is potential for volatility of the blockchain to greatly change the price of the cup of coffee. If you haven't been in a BCN at BTC 0.0001000. Than, you may not know what I'm getting at here. If you have, than imagine your NPXS-USD as funds you've agreed to convert into USD that are made available for purchase with Pundi X. Those funds can also be converted back into the blockchain. Whereby, the escrow acts as securitization for the liquidation of items with Pundi X purchases. While, the linguistics for a non native English speaker may have been lost in translation. This may already be the thought process. Allocating funds into localized currency may one day occur at any time on the Pundi X application. The holder of Pundi X may be enabled to access localized escrows for purchase while on vacation stabilizing their share of the escrow at any time. Of course the interest on the fund would also accumulate some form of return where large holdings are considered by singular or divided placements by insurance losses maximum return should any fraud occur that threatens holdings. With that said, there's plenty of time for Pundi X to get their ducks in a row and set a path for greatness. I think the idea needs to be further hashed out to prevent the crypto loss gain potential from harming localized exchange from blockchain to currency. I think in this way that there is securitization to be offered that reduce risks of the blockchains volatility. If we consider that you wish to hold NPXS for purchases. And, we speculate that the development of the corporation may result in a price of NPXS BTC 0.0000004. If you were to realize the margin from todays high currently reporting on Binance at 0.0000024 BTC. The margin realization when purchasing the cup of coffee can be dramatic. To prevent the dramatic change. As localized escrows are formed to reduce volatility risk Pundi X card holders can insure their margin isn't drastically reduced by converting into currency holding accessing NPXS-USD. Than, if the price of the coin is reduced by half it's value. The cup of coffee won't cost a far greater price.

If the reduction of risk was offered in hypothetical above I'm beyond in on this coin. For now, I'm sitting where I think the coin will travel first. And, should the coin never reach the low of BTC 0.0000004. My percentages on Cindicator tell me it's about a 38%-42% margin of error. Being right most of the time doesn't mean all the time.

I wish the founder of this one great luck! It's an innovation that's brining the blockchain to the storefront. Once this is hashed out with the right process it's great for blockchain.

Read more about Pundi X : https://pundix.com/


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