Commentary: Quarantines and Getting Things to Make Sense!

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You know it has "been a while" when you can no longer remember when the "shelter in place" order first went into effect...

I'm letting that sink in, for a moment.

First Dandelion of Spring

I know — at least last time I checked — that here in the state of Washington, it's supposed to remain in place until at least May 4th, which is about a week away. That said, I don't really seeing that happen till maybe June or July.

Am I just getting cynical?

The stock market rose again today, "surging on hopes of the economy opening again."

I am not even sure what that means. Our bank account had $4.65 in it when I checked in this morning. Yesterday's ended eBay auctions yielded net sales of... $0.00.

Well, the 10-pound bags of potatoes are on special for $2.99 at Safeway, this week... where there's a (creative!) will, there's a way!

Springtime At The Fence

I had a brief moment of hope this morning that we'd sold something BIG on eBay, but 10 minutes later there was a message from eBay's Fraud and Security department to let us know that the sale now had an "Administrative Cancellation" because the buyer's account was subject to having been hacked.

It is a strange world in which we live.

Once again, I find myself very grateful that we no longer have a brick-and-mortar art gallery!

Meanwhile, I ponder the irony of the realization that perhaps the most income I will have today is a dollar or two from creating a blog post on a blockchain/crypto based blogging platform.

Which leads to the further thought that maybe one positive thing that could come out of this whole Covid-19 incident is a bit of a renaissance in the cryptosphere... or at least we might get shaken loose from this pervasive Bear market.

Pine Buds

I am enjoying the extra time I am getting to spend in the pursuit of creative endeavors, but whereas it is a nice and relaxing outlet, it mostly feels like I am just stockpiling.

Art doesn't really have the urgency and functionality of toilet paper, does it?

Will we look back on 2020 from some point in the future and remember it as "The year toilet paper turned into gold?"

I'm only half kidding.

Life is just not making a lot of sense, these days. What was up, is now down...

Guess I'd better go look for some pretty pictures and be done with this post!

Thanks for reading, and stay safe out there!


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