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Hello from Oklahoma .I am new to steemit and have much interest in it after watching bitcoin since 08 or 09. I am currently making and selling neon signs for a living and really enjoy it . I know there is a risk to almost all investments but it sure looks like steemit could be potential way for me to earn for future and retirement. My plans are to go long term and stick with steemit and see how it pans out in the next 5 or 10 yrs. This is pretty exciting to me because who knows what can happen, it could be great. So here we go on a new journey and a new path . What an adventure !scotts 041.jpg

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Welcome! I'm new too, enjoy the adventure!

I'm new too and I know some country songs that mention those neon lights...that market is huge!

I'm from Pawhuska ok. what part are you from?


Claremore, not very many Oklahoman's are aware of crypto money. Your the first one from Okla. I have encountered here.