What is “ComicArtFans.com” (CAF)? A Primer

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Judging from my phone browser’s “Frequently Visited” list, besides work-related sites, I visit most often (1) Steemit and (2) ComicArtFans.com.

Twitter, Facebook, etc. visits are way down. So what is this CAF site that has survived Steemit’s conquest?


It’s quite simply the best site out there for comic book original art. Of course the lack of token economics kinda sucks, but the site is built with the needs and wants of OA collectors in mind. It’s easy to find OA, show off OA, catalogue OA. Buy and sell. Interact with fellow collectors. Look up data on the most popular artists the previous day, week, month. And so on.


Plus keeping track of price history and provenance is easy. Fan art is more than welcome on the site.

Personally, it’s a lot of fun watching pieces from my own collection “duel” each other for views. I’ve learned that my Venom OA by Dell’Otto reigns supreme. Royo’s Psylocke is runner-up for good reason... possibly the most beautiful piece I own. But the White Queen commission by Jae Lee has enjoyed a stratospheric rise despite having been posted only a month ago. I attribute this both to Jae’s tremendous art and to White Queen fan boys who remember well their adolescence, LOL.

Bagley Venom also has proven quite popular, challenging the Jim Lee sketch of Havok. My Matt Baker OA, by the timeless Golden Age artist, remains hot 70+ years after it was drawn up. The page was featured in a retrospective book on Baker.



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When I seen your comment yesterday I did not see any way to follow other users. The site looks like they created it ten years ago, it works perfect, so they never updated it lol. I still enjoy now being signed up on it, a great source as well as amazing place to share art among both collectors, business people, and most of all, fans.


Pretty much, man, pretty much, hahaha... and happy to hear it!!

I can fathom all forms of art and creation except drawing. This seems like magic to me. I can't even draw an apple. The site makes it look like drawing talent is the rule rather than the exception. Thanks for letting us know about this.

  ·  last year (edited)

Very much my pleasure, and I’m totally the same with drawing. I like your content — followed!

  ·  last year (edited)

sorry, my voting power is down! xD
Need to create a new account or ist it possible to log in there
via YT/Google/Facebook???


New account is the way to go, but it’s very easy :D


ok, hope so :-)
so many accounts and names and passwords - hard to handle xD

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