On the Road

in comics •  last year 

I’m currently traveling and unable to post regularly, but still doing my best to keep up with my Steem friends’ posts! Rest assured all is well, and I miss everyone dearly — that’s the pull of our community. We really are family.


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I want to travel too 💙

so i hope we will see ur traveling journal here!

It’s a busy time! Hope your travels are fun & safe. With @blewitt and @cryplectibles busy at Mega Con it has been quiet!

Thankfully I’m keeping busy too, so it hasn’t been too detrimental. I’ve gotta go get a Freschetta Pizza out of the oven in a few minutes. Yup. Busy, busy, busy! That’s me! 🤥

(come back soon everybody!)


man, love how you italicized Freschetta bwahahaha :D

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