Comic Book Original Art Collection: Hulk #336, page 6, by Todd McFarlane

in comics •  last year  (edited)

I love Really really love it. Because I just picked up my first TODD MCFARLANE ORIGINAL ART page through the site, with Cyclops and Jean Grey and Iceman in X-Factor uniform... for a 2k+ price. Am kind of flipping out right now.


McFarlane is of course known best for his Spider-Man runs, but hot damn. Along with Jim Lee and Mark Bagley, he was hands down the most influential comics artist for me as a kid. Todd is a living legend in the industry whose rough sketches go for four figures today.

Now if I could just find the right Artgerm OA...


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Wow. Great quality piece! Your collection continues to amaze! I can remember being excited just to get this issue as a kid! I started reading Hulk a couple years after this and as I tracked down back issues the McFarlane era stuff was already pricey in relation to my allowance and took a while to accumulate!


Thank you my good man! Early McFarlane fascinates me because the seeds of the exaggerated style to come are subtle but there. And I hear you about the back issues... at least you still had a crack at them early in the big scheme o’ things :D

hot damn indeed,
although I believe if the heroes concentrated their energy on the rock instead of on the hulk, they would've diffused the situation much quicker. I guess charles wasn't around then.


Well put — should never underestimate the need for Prof X strategy! Cyclops/Jean/Storm always more short game tactical than anything. : )


they're focused though, unlike x's attention, which's all over the place.

Truly jealous of this. One day I’ll have some McFarlane OA. One day...

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