Comic Book Original Art Collection: Elektra, by Bill Sienkiewicz

in comics •  last year  (edited)

Time enough for a quick write-up, wanted to share this li’l beauty. I usually don’t go for trading card sketch art; well, when adding a name like Sienkiewicz to the collection, beggars can’t be choosers!



His Elektra and Moon Knight work is especially admired in the OA community. I love his rendition here... Radiohead’s OK Computer album cover comes to mind, with the use of whites.

Abstract illustration styles in comics often come at the cost of raw sex appeal. Not so with Sienkiewicz.


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I am sorry, I cannot evaluate your post. This can have several reasons, for example, it may not be long enough, it's not in English, or has been filtered, etc.

some translation help pls???

OA community

dont know what that means.
sry for that, but many things have completely different names here - so maybe ive heard some sort of german translation, but no idea atm!

greetings from austria!!
Dichter (1).png



means “Original Art” community, my friend!



stupid, stupid! i see!!!

ive heard that, but not common here!

THX much!

10000 posts later i'll'have all the vocabulary and slang xD

What a cool little card a great art. I love Sienkiewicz, my number one favorite. Missed him at a convention by like an hour or something one time. Never met him, have no original art or anything signed even. I'm not in a rush but I do wish to see him before I die.

He makes tiny panels in a comic something I want to hang on my wall. Example is your post here with this trading card, so damn cool.


I also missed him at a convention where he was supposed to show up... and thanks, good bro! I realized he had me when I could spell out his name at will without looking it up, LOL.


I realized he had me when I could spell out his name at will without looking it up, LOL

There is so much truth to this statement you don't even know.

Sienkiewicz has the strange ability to seem loose and scribbly yet precise at the same time. (have you see his book "stray toasters?) That card is amazing.

  ·  last year (edited)

You put it well...! It's very much the drunken master style of comics. :D And nope, I haven’t yet.

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one of my favs. Variant cover for Elektra #1.



Freakin’ A...


Beautiful. Right? I’d kill for the OA. Lol

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