Buying a Comic Book Collection: An X-Men and Jim Lee OA story

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Buying collections can be a whole lot of fun in any collectibles hobby. A few years ago I picked up a Magic: The Gathering collection numbering thousands of cards for a cool 50 bucks and made that back by selling a couple dozen of them to a LCS in Davis. Then I used the rest of the sweet stuff to beef up my existing decks.

It’s not easy to do with comics collections because many sellers tend to overestimate, rather than underestimate, the value of their collections. But while I was searching for Jim Lee original comic art, I happened upon this find...


Interesting! A solid value for the listed price of $700 shipped given the Lee sketch included, but what if I could negotiate it down? I really appreciated the level of detail provided by the seller, to boot:





I pounced with an offer of $500 shipped for the 200+ comics — including the 2nd series books not listed out above — plus the Jim Lee original art. Seller accepted (!!!). Given a similar Grifter sketch by Lee went for $362 recently... you do the math.

Lastly, just as advertised, it turns out the comics were conservatively graded. The “VF+” UXM #266 looked like it could be a CGC 9.6.


Moral of the story: Be open-minded about pursuing collections, and don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith on something. The hobby is full of “key” collectors these days who overlook non-key books, but you can get the best of both worlds by purchasing bargain collections.

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Holy cow...that's a whale of a deal! Excellent bargaining there, man. And you're right--that Gambit first appearance is about as perfect as I've ever seen an unslabbed book. Nice find. :)


Much appreciated, good Zorker! Hope you keep up your Steem writings too, love sharin’ these stories : )))


Oh don't worry, there's plenty more to come. Gonna take the day off tomorrow for Mother's Day though. Visit my mom for a few hours, and hopefully come back to a fully-recharged voting power gauge. :)


I have not been able to keep my vote power up recently! Just a sign of too much good stuff popping up on Steem!

comic's picture is very fascinating. Everyone want it desperately even though it costs more than he or she can pay..

Nice score! I’ve been “window shopping” eBay a bit lately. Just dreaming of all the nerdy splurging I hope to do one day...

  ·  last year (edited)

That glorious day nears, Bryan... it is your Des-ti-ny. B-)


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