Battle of the Comic Book Artists: Of All Time

in comics •  last year  (edited)

Ever wondered which comic artists from the past and present would rise to the top if there were a showdown that accounted for their best works, their output, and overall fandom?

Courtesy of the CAF website that I covered previously, wonder no more:


FYI the “Impressions” metric accounts for all comments and likes plus views. The beloved modern master Adam Hughes reigns supreme there. Milo Manara aka the erotica savant gets the most views. And appropriately, John “drew every damned title & drew it good” Byrne has had the most art posted by collectors.

Many familiar names and a few surprises... it’s a distinguished list.

The one factor that may elude metrics — amount of art lost over time. Matt Baker is up there with Barks (#6 in views) and Frazetta (#12) in the Golden Age pantheon and illustrated prolifically throughout a too-short life, but his surviving original art is scarce.

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I’ve always wanted an “ID the Comic Artist” game. I wonder how I’d do... I think I’d be pretty good! The gist would be you have to name the artist by looking at a piece of their work. Ideally you’d have like 1,000 artists all draw the same prompt, like “Batman throwing a punch.”
I just find it fascinating how you can tell an artist by their style, like a fingerprint. It may be some of the most esoteric knowledge & pattern recognition in my brain...


This is a super fascinating thought. It’d also be an awesome indicator of sorts with respect to originality... a Steranko or a Hughes would stick out like a sore thumb (in a good way). Actually, pretty much all of the greats!

ohhh yeah, many surprises and a few names i never heard of!

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