Remember Bitstrips? The page to make comics

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When I met this page, ranking on a time scale would be 2012 practically, I have made many comics here but I forgot years ago. Primarily for an English assignment they sent us to make a comic and I did it here, it was about aliens and others. I also enshrined my avatar in various funny comics that I post on facebook.

Spend a lot of time on this page for entertainment purposes. The craziest thing is that I left it together before starting a project that involved making a comic for my family, and of which I created the following characters:


Just as he says there, not everyone is my family. I would be the middle one, my parents on either side of me, next to the man who is my father is my sister, and ... Who are the others? Random people, the boy on the left was the star of my English comic called Adams. The blue haired girl I have no idea, and the last girl on the right she was my good alien from my comic. That's called keeping your characters. Anyway, did you use this page? I will start searching for my lost comics to show them more often.