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in comics •  2 years ago

by @bryan-imhoff via @spottyproduction

art & writing by Bryan Imhoff
originally published in Seer: Round One

Read Seer: "Perceptions" here

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Read Seer: "Round One" here

Cover: Pages 1 2

Seer: Round One takes a sinister turn on page three!

@jrej wins the prize for correctly predicting "I'm pretty sure that little lady is gonna turn out a meany..." in the comments of the last post! What's the prize you ask? Well it's a free pass that entitles the bearer to "the avoidance of one slaughtering at the hands of a bloody demon child." Congrats @jrej , you're safe for a little while... The rest of you... don't go near mirrors for now...

This is the first time this story has been available online in a number of years. If you like what you see, please support Seer and @spottyproduction to ensure the production of future issues!

Spotty Production is proud to re-release it's earliest tale, Seer. You can read about it's history and plans moving forward in this announcement post. "Round One" is a full length first issue, following on the five page introductory story "Perceptions." With "Round One" Bryan Imhoff took over both writing and artwork on the tale.

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That is quite horrifying, haha. Mary did get bloody!

I like how you drew her transformation in the different panels! Really neat work!


Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it!

Evil children are the scariest thing. I just saw a trailer for a movie about an evil doll. I have no desire at all to see that. I don't need the nightmares


I'm with you. I do believe there is a parallel monster world where evil children lurk under beds and inspire fear.

That got pretty damn creepy quick lol


Sometimes you've just got to jump right into the deep end of the bloody pool...