Seer: Round One - page #20 - an original comic

in comics •  last year

by @bryan-imhoff via @spottyproduction


art & writing by Bryan Imhoff
originally published in Seer: Round One

Read Seer: "Perceptions" here

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Read Seer: "Round One" here

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James steps into the ring, facing his first opponent after a long layoff due to injury... but is the man in the ring with him the most pressing threat?

Seer continues to release a page from the archives every Friday. This process will take us into early 2018 at which point the possibilities for new material will be evaluated!

This is the first time this story has been available online in a number of years. If you like what you see, please support Seer and @spottyproduction to facilitate the production of future issues!

Spotty Production is proud to re-release it's earliest tale, Seer. You can read about it's history and plans moving forward in this announcement post. "Round One" is a full length first issue, following on the five page introductory story "Perceptions." With "Round One" Bryan Imhoff took over both writing and artwork on the tale.

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Just got on Steemit a few days ago. Happy to find Webcomics. Definitely supporting other creators!


Welcome aboard! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Steem can have a pretty steep learning curve. I'm also very enthused about the opportunities to support fellow creators. Thanks so much for the support and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your developing project.


Your comic looks absolutely fantastic. I'm going to read this from page 1! I was hoping to find a graphic novel on here. When I finish my graphic novel, I hope I can to pick your brain as far as how I should release it on Steemit and advice like that (I'm doing a wrestling comedy strip with my friend and a serious wrestling story by myself).


Thanks so much! I’ve been following the strips you’ve posted and enjoyed them, it’s a delightful concept!
If you want to read Seer in a batch, makes it easier to page through. My apologies it’s a completely untouched WordPress template that I haven’t styled at all yet. One of many untouched projects!
I’d be glad to help, but I may not have a ton of advice! I do think it’s important to pace your release of pages, or else you can expend most of the comic before you’ve built a following and connected with some of your best supporters.


Thanks! I'm bookmarking Yeah with the graphic novel, I want to finish it before I start releasing it so I can come up with a standard release schedule. With our comic strip me and my friend are just doing it as we go and making sure we get a new one out every Wednesday.