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in comics •  last year

by @bryan-imhoff via @spottyproduction


art & writing by Bryan Imhoff
originally published in Seer: Round One

Read Seer: "Perceptions" here

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Read Seer: "Round One" here

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James is still walking and thinking, on his way to his return boxing match... unaware of his sinister "roommate" following close behind.

Seer continues to release a page from the archives every Friday. This process will take us into early 2018 at which point the possibilities for new material will be evaluated!

This is the first time this story has been available online in a number of years. If you like what you see, please support Seer and @spottyproduction to facilitate the production of future issues!

Spotty Production is proud to re-release it's earliest tale, Seer. You can read about it's history and plans moving forward in this announcement post. "Round One" is a full length first issue, following on the five page introductory story "Perceptions." With "Round One" Bryan Imhoff took over both writing and artwork on the tale.

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Distributing this online and for free is a noble thing to do. Your story is very good, that film-noir style is one of my favorite storytelling methods. The art fits into the mood very well, too, with dark lines and shadowy settings.

I am eager to see the following pages, and your next story in 2018.


Thank you for the encouragement and support! I'm a fan of distributing content far and wide in every form possible. People have their own preferences on consumption of material and there are plenty of fans who will read a comic online for free and still want a nice hardbound copy on their bookshelf if it resonates with them.


Yes, I am guilty of that! I had read the first book of Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen somewhere online and this prompted me to buy the whole series and spinoffs. You really have to have certain books on those shelves!

Really like your treatment of shadow in this page, makes it have a good "mood". Gives me some ideas so thanks for sharing.


Thanks for reading, glad to return the favor on ideas and inspiration... your posts do the same for me!

Really like your treatment of shadow in this page, makes it have a good "mood". Gives me some ideas so thanks for sharing.