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Seer "Perceptions" page 2 - a comic

by @bryan-imhoff & Brad Green via @spottyproduction

artwork by Brad Green; writing by Bryan Imhoff
originally published in Digital Webbing Presents #2

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Spotty Production is proud to re-release it's earliest tale, Seer. You can read about it's history and plans moving forward in this announcement post. "Perceptions" was the first five page story which introduced the concept of Seer and features writing by Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff
and artwork by Brad Green.
This post continues the previously announced "bounty" system; in which half the rewards will be allocated as a payment to Brad Green, at such time as he registers his account on the Steem blockchain!
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Great stuff, really looking forward to seeing more of it. Also resteemed.


Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it! The artist, Brad Green hasn't been active online lately as far as I know. I'll be interested to send him the results of these pages. Steemit has a way of bringing artists out of hiding!


That's a real value of steemit. Also bringing artists together in collaboration. I'll be interested in knowing how he'd react if he found about your collaborative work. Keep it up!